Big Ole Light Display at the Virginia Fair Grounds

Went to the fairgrounds in Doswell, VA to see the annual light display that they have which is set to music.  I did remember to bring my camera.  It took about and hour and a half to snake through the line to start the tour of it, and about thirty minutes to go through it.  I didn’t think of videoing until we were near the end.  (It was getting past my bedtime already,  We had not thought it would take that long, even though the fellas went last year)  So, here are some pics and a couple of video snippets.  One of the video snippets is really short, the other one, you’ll hear hubby cough, and me singing along with Jingle Bells, lol!  The lights were constantly blinking off and on to the music so it is kind of hard to know what the pictures are even supposed to be of, but they are pretty anyway!  Also, the videos are kind of wobbly, (shooting in the dark when you can’t half see, lol).  People who have seizures should never go to a thing like this.  I can see how it would trigger one!


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