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It’s that time.  Been a lot going on, head spinning a little, now enjoying a blessed quiet, but when that happens, then the noise inside my head gets center stage.

So Christmas with it’s busyness is come and gone.  I enjoyed one of the nicest, most nearly perfect Christmases yesterday.  We’d done all of the prep-work Christmas Eve for the meal, and I had the table set already.  We went to church, my whole family together with Army son home on leave, we didn’t have to rush anywhere.  We exchanged gifts in the morning, and everyone had time to do whatever they pleased for a while before time for church.  One went back to bed, and no, not me this time.  I got to have my coffee and devotions and be still.

The meal was also nice and leisurely with everyone lingering at the table a nice long time. Coffee and apple pie and pecan pie all around. And THEN, there was a real live Christmas miracle!  Everyone helped with the dishes!!!

This morning was back-to-work for hubby, and the boys are off to visit grandma,  thus the quiet house.  Even the dog seems tired and content to dawdle in his kennel bed today.

All of that and no meltdowns for mom!

I am sure you noticed the slow-down in posts there for a bit.  I pretty much am trying to focus on the main thing, which means I’ll post what’s relevant about Israel, any Globalist developments, and any shift or advance in regard to Syria,  Iran, Russia, Turkey, et al. John Haller is supposed to post a Part II of his update today.  I mean to watch for that and get it up whenever he does.  But things are sure converging quickly now.  The momentum is not going to reverse.  We may not be “feeling it” here in the West but that is not the thing to go by.

I hope your Christmas was nice.  I feel like the paring down we did this year, plus the fact the boys are of an age and with the means, that they were able to participate in the giving aspect themselves this time, made it much more pleasant. I let everyone know I would rather have something hand-made, or written sentiment, than anything from a store.  One of those is still a work in progress, but the other two, (my “new bedroom” was my Christmas gift from hubby, and Army son did a pen-and-ink stylized image of a lighthouse for me that I already have) are things I will not only remember having received but will immensely enjoy.  College son is doing a digital painting!! How cool is that?  It’s a peacock.  The colors of the tail are made up of a forest image, with the lines and colors of the eyes of the feathers being in the image, but also he says he thinks he is going to incorporate sunflowers where they eyes are, some way, and where the blue is of the peacock’s neck and head, it’s (on close inspection) made of an image of aqua-blue sea waves.

Can you tell which son takes after his multi-faceted, multi-layered mom, every color Mom and which one takes after his simple-fella, black-and-white uncomplicated Dad?  LOL

Somehow God took the best of each of us, put that in each of them in various mixtures, plus added their own tempering qualities that mitigate against extremes, and came up with those two.  It’s a mystery, that thing God does and did, when he designed genetics.  Pretty darn cool!

If ya’ll don’t mind, pray for their safe travel today and tomorrow.

I saw this on one of the sidebars (click-bait) on a news page I read this morning. Here is a screenshot of the picture in the ad:


Twelve secrets Captain Kangaroo Producers Tried to Hide?

My guess for one of them was they were trying to hide the fact he actually had no ears.  What other explanation is there for the muttonchops that go right up into his head hair?  Heebejeebee!!!

Here are some pics from Christmas!  Some more of the family artwork and a couple of other snapshots thrown in.  Hope you enjoy your visit to our house!

I think you can click on an image to enlarge it and maybe read the captions better.

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  1. I’ve looked for Captain Kangaroo’s secrets. Couldn’t find them. My kids never missed the Captain. btw. Looked like a wonderful peaceful day at your house.–B


    • Yeah, it was just one of those click-bait ads, meant to earn money for the owner of whatever website you are on when you click it. Usually what comes up has nothing whatsoever to do with the “teaser”. We did have a great day yesterday. Hope yours was as well!


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