Whaaat? This makes me cry!

Oh Lord, how long?–S.T. Lloyd

SACRAMENTO – Beginning on Jan. 1, child prostitution will be legal in the streets of California.

In fact, police officers in the state will be banned from arresting any person under the age of 18 for soliciting or loitering with intent, according to Senate Bill 1322. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill on Sept. 26, and it will go into effect Sunday.

The law also requires police to report allegations of child prostitution to county child welfare agencies.

Advocates of the law say it will help child victims of sex trafficking get treatment rather than sending them to juvenile hall and tagging them with a rap sheet for prostitution.
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One thought on “Whaaat? This makes me cry!

  1. I can see the point in this. So many kids caught up in this are made to fear law enforcement. Maybe this will help and the kids can get real help while they still have a chance. May God rescue these poor little souls.

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