Isn’t it interesting?

I find it fascinating that the people who believe one can choose one’s gender based on how they feel at any given moment, are also the same people who absolutely deny that one can choose their sexual preference.  “Born that way” applies to your sexual attractions, while essential maleness or femaleness is something fluid, fluctuating and subjective and having nothing to do with ones, ahem, standard equipment?

If it has nothing to do with the equipment, then why to men who feel they are women, go out and have surgery to get equipped with “female parts”  and why do women who feel they are men, go out and have surgery to obtain the “male” equipment?  Why are taxpayers paying for prisoners to “trans” their “gender” if “gender” is merely a state of mind?

It’s a wonder humanity survived all those thousands of years before someone figured out how terribly confused and misled society used to be! –S.T. Lloyd