One thought on “When will the believing Be Leaving? | OTM

  1. Jan’s broadcasts are always good. Another key deception besides a posttrib rapture, however, is one that clearly is blind to Jesus’ teachings in Matt. 13:5-6,20-21; John 15:1-2,6; Rev. 3:1-6;and the apostles’ teachings in 2 Peter ch2 espc. vv. 15 & 20-23; and Heb. 3:12; 6:4-8; 10:26-29; Romans 11:20-24, etc.: that is the false teaching “Once saved, always saved”.
    The cannon of Scripture teaches that just as the living God is “I AM” and not past tense, salvation is active and present-tense: the Way is active living with the Word Christ Jesus Himself.
    If I may provide a link here to the first of three parts written to date, I thank you! Saving Faith is Present Tense and


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