Not taking a break from the fun parts of the blog. Here (by request) are a few pix of the current kitchen “face-lift” we are doing…

Like the bedroom face lift, this one will come in under $700 as well.  Paint, back splash, quality rugs, 2 light fixtures, curtains, new counter top finish, new floor, backsplash (when we get to that), and by up-cycling a few things, and updating others, and a few affordable second-hand things from eBay.  As you can tell, the theme, other than country, is “happy and sunny”. I always wanted a kitchen with yellow.


The little piggy that went to market (small figurine)


The little piggy that roasted on the beach?


Goofy grinning onions


The other cheery sunflower


Happy fruit!


Screw-in pendant light for over the sink.  Goes into a regular light socket!


Cheery Sunflower


Anti-fatigue kitchen mat


Other kitchen mat


Sunflower light fixture

The flooring is not the snap-together laminate, it is the individual vinyl strips that even though they come with adhesive backs you peel off,  you still should glue down and press with a weighted roller! These are .99¢ each.


What the floor will look like. (Laminate strips)


Old “Home Interior” Farmhouse and Barn wall decor


So cute smiling little mini piggy figurine


Row of hooks by back door for coats and leashes and stuff


Decoupaged light swtich


Can’t have a country kitchen without sunflowers!


Pattern of our new curtains


Breakfast nook is staying the same, shows the red that the kitchen used to be, and a little of the sunny yellow it now is.  On the shelf under the window are the few of my stone paintings I didn’t give away. I may do the mosaic on this old formica table, but then again, it’s vintage as it is!

The next three pictures are plaques I made using the compressed paper/cardboard custom pieces of packing that came inside the box when we bought the television last year.  It feels like a thin slab of wood, and I snatched those babies up when they came out of the box, knowing I could use them for something cool.  I embellished with eye-pins I fabricated with thick copper wire, and the hangers from the same, and some copper tape.  The larger plaque I used sunflower buttons I had leftover from “three pairs of curtains ago”(the ones I sewed when we moved here). The old curtains went to Goodwill when I got rid of them after fifteen years. I do a lot of business there. Half the time what I buy there I re-donate later!


“Made from scratch” wall decor


Moon Pie is an inside joke from back during hubby’s and my dating period.


Close-up of the hardware  fabricated from heavy copper wire.


What we constantly tell one another!


The current/old colors of my kitchen (plus red trim, not shown) and that tired linoleum!


Wooden Breadbox I decoupaged!  The old “butcher block” counter-tops will be refinished too. I wanted to do it in mosaic tile, but that might be a little too ambitious.


Adorable veggie-person I paid way too much for on eBay but couldn’t pass up! (My son says it’s just creepy!  I don’t see creepy!  Do you?)


Custom light and outlet covers I decoupaged! Oh and there’s Mr. Potato head my tater scrubber.


Ditto the outlet.  Need to scrub that plug part, don’t I? Can you do that without turning off the electricity?   And that gold-fleck laminate will be replaced with an “old barn wood” panel. (One $16.00 panel will do it!)


This was Grandma Thompson’s pot-holder thingy that hung over her stove all my life until she died. I have re-done it a few times, time to freshen it up again!


“Real McCoy” pitcher from Mom, watercolor I did in high school, other stuff of a “country” style I already had.  The red bird is a rock on a driftwood portion of a barrel top, both of which I found on our honeymoon. The body of the parrot is rock, the wings are painted. We take the tater-masher off the wall and use it from time to time.  The grater has been painted so, we don’t use that, nor the multi-color wood spoon up there by the middle rooster. The bottles are the cheap kind you could buy a decade ago at the dollar store that are full of beans, and the middle rooster is filled with oil and real red peppers.


Stuff I already collected,gave the mini-chest of drawers a little bit of a makeover with the fabric  It’s not crooked on the wall, that’s the only angle I could get because it’s over to the side of where our washer and dryer are. The farm pic is a $1.00 Dollar Store one, that I loved and just brought home and painted over that gaudy gold plastic frame with a nice barn red.


I make these trees out of wire and beads


I put a little bird’s nest in this one


I use anything heavy for a base, here are a few  candle stands and a vase that I picked up cheap at Goodwill and on eBay for later ones. I love the green because it’s like my birthstone, so I’ll keep at least one of those.

I hope to add some new entries to the Morning Glory Memoirs during the hiatus.  You can access that by the upper menu of the home page.  Since I add those as separate pages instead of posts, those who are subscribed will not receive notices of new pages when they post.  So you won’t know if there are new ones unless you check.  I also have not gotten around to “chain-linking” them so that you can go directly to “next entry”.  You’ll have to return  to the home page menu to get the next installment after you read each one.  I think I have 12 entries on there so far. At some point I will add the links to the next entry at the bottom of the current one.  Can’t do it until the next one exists, so I will wait until I either have time to do it, or am finished the memoirs.

Trying to do more of the things that fill my cup for a little while.  The writing on the personal stuff is cathartic, free-flowing and doesn’t require a lot of “work” just speaking from the heart, in writing, to the whole world.  LOL.

Also, thank you to those who have contacted me in recent days.  :0) I get the comments in my e-mail even if I don’t log onto the blog.  I’m still around.  I’ll appreciate your continued prayers! Love to you all!

2 thoughts on “Not taking a break from the fun parts of the blog. Here (by request) are a few pix of the current kitchen “face-lift” we are doing…

  1. Wow what a fun kitchen. Reminds me of my abuelita ( grandma ) and oh how I loved her kitchen, so very warm and inviting and fun. Her’s was yellow as well. Just yesterday I told my daughter lets do the kitchen up in yellow and white. She is doing it so she is not sure, we will see. Reading your posts and seeing how you are making your house come to life in a new way has now encouraged me to do the same. Off to garage sale’s I will go ha ha. Keep posting the pic’s, love em. Mary


    • LOL, I get that a lot. “Your house is like someone’ grandma’s house. LOL. I like it that way. They usually add “I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just inviting”!


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