On Truth and Consequences

What woman doesn’t want to feel that she is beautiful? We don’t need to be beautiful in the same way as movie stars and models. Just to have a beauty of our own. Is this vanity? I don’t think so. I think it is a God-given feature of womanliness.

Age chips away at this. But aging was not the original plan. It is a consequence of the fall. Age is nothing but death in slow motion. Sounds harsh, but there it is.

Some women are born beautiful, and I mean beautiful! Have you never looked at a little girl and seen the woman she will become? Perfect symmetry of the face, a certain set of the eyes, and already very lovely. Then there some whose beauty won’t bloom until much later, and it will come as a surprise and probably be much more appreciated. The one whose beauty blooms late, is often the same whose beauty fades early. I guess like flowers, we all have our own cycles and peaks. But even as a woman ages, most of us want to retain as much of that beauty as we can.

Men, they don’t have to care so much about what they look like. Why is that? Because it doesn’t matter. I man can be ugly as a platypus and rich or powerful, and he will never want for company, he’ll be able to take his pick.

Many times men don’t know what a crucial thing having some sense of beauty of ones own, is to a woman. How a man regards his wife’s beauty will determine how she feels about herself. If he says she is beautiful, she believes she is beautiful and will put forth the effort to live up to his regard. If he never notices, or notices but never comments on her beauty, a wife will see only the loss of her beauty over time. She will, if she was confident at one time, lose that confidence, and begin to view herself as unlovely. In modern society where beauty is a lucrative commodity, women who are naturally endowed with great beauty, enjoy great advantages over those who don’t possess it,and it is easy for young women to fall for the lie that “beauty” means flaunting one’s body, wearing revealing clothing, and a complex makeup routine heavy on eye liner and mascara and lipstick that a hundred years ago, only prostitutes would have worn.

The concept of beauty has been distorted. So much so that a woman’s true beauty, inside and outside, are often forfeited in the quest for that seemingly more “effective” look of the erotic variety, to the extent that now there is lingerie for little girls as young as six, “so they can be pretty like mommy”. It is tragic. Women have walked right into Satan’s trap, and have led their daughters there to boot.

I was in college before I realized just how pervasive molestation and sexual assault were among my own friends and acquaintances, when I first discovered actual statistics. And here I am in my early fifties, discovering further, the extent is much greater than I knew back then! Whether it got worse in the interim, or I just didn’t know until now, I can’t say with any certainty, but my guess is, what I know about now was already in full swing back then, and it was merely the advent of social media and internet access for nearly everyone on the planet, that finally exposed the extent of depravity and perversion that exist.

Children have long been helpless victims. Power corrupts. Men have had power a lot longer than women have. It started out, in God’s design and economy, to be accompanied with an equal measure of responsibility and accountability. God’s design and economy have not changed, but more people are living without regard of God’s intent and design. And just because He is slow to anger and judgment, does not mean He is not keeping meticulous records. Still, in the here and now, it feels very unfair to women and girls, and even little boys.

Power corrupts, and as men were given the role of headship, sadly a majority of them became corrupted by the power of it to the extent that they became ruled by their lusts. As a society they denied themselves nothing even as their appetites developed for yet the next forbidden thing. When fantasy wasn’t enough, they sought literal fornication and adultery. When that level of sin lost its appeal, they sought to add an element of violence. When that wasn’t enough, they turned to the forbidden arena of other men. When that wasn’t enough, they turned to children, and then beasts.

Such appetites originate in the dark realm of pure evil. Guilt seeks company. Satan and those who fell with him, know the ultimate end God has promised them, and want to take as many with them as possible. There is an enticing and alluring side to evil. Satan dresses it up that way, and draws people away into it by their lusts, greed, covetousness, pride. Ask any forensics expert what drives a serial killer or serial rapist. Not sex. Power! How many serial killers were female? A few, but not many.

As society’s men were corrupted and inflicted themselves on helpless women and children, many victims became perpetrators. Now our society has an epidemic of female perpetrators, and women who have given up the natural use of their own bodies and work with other women “that which is unseemly” as Scripture puts it. Female teachers doing to teenage men what men have long done to teenage (and younger) girls. And ultimately now even children are perpetrating these same travesties upon one another.

What happened? Here in America we went from a nation founded on God, to the depravity of Babylon the Great, in just a couple of centuries. From strong marriages and families with Judeo-Christian values, to anything-goes pairings and matings, and calling things “marriage” which are not marriage, but worse, even confusion of gender as if it were something that shifts like the tides.
Beauty was designed a good thing, and sex, as it was designed, was honorable and holy even, as a supernatural and God-given means of making two into one flesh bonded for life.

Have you ever used that tacky gum to adhere a poster to the wall? Have you ever taken a photo out of an old album and tried to put it back and re-adhere the plastic film? What happens to adhesive that has already stuck once and then had the bonds broken? Bits of the poster or photo start to come off with each pulling off and each re-sticking, and the adhesive loses its bonding power.

That is what happens in sex outside of marriage. Each partner forms a soul-bond, and rips away something when the relationship ends, and even in an assault situation, there is an undeniable “taking” of a piece of the victim, and a weakening of the intended purpose of intimacy.

Frankly it is hard for women not to feel a resentment toward the Paternalistic system that remains always in effect no matter how far women’s rights and freedoms advance. It can’t be overthrown because despite how distorted men have made it, this is still God’s design. It definitely feels unfair when men, by virtue of greater physical strength, if nothing else, take advantage of their position and power in ways many women and children are helpless against. God’s system worked very well when people adhered to His purposes and obeyed the law He set forth for us.

The fact that God will address every wrong in His own time, doesn’t help much when the actions of some man have altered the course of the entire rest of a woman or child’s life. It’s not much consolation to know that th man may well go on unrestrained, unhindered, and seemingly unaccountable for decades, and even the rest of his life, facing consequences only after death eternally. This is sometimes not much consolation to those who know there is a hell, much less to those who don’t. It can feel like the perpetrators simply “get away with it”.

I actually believe the mere fact this world is as messed up as it is, has to be a sign the end of this age is at hand. Civilizations can’t survive in the absence of order, adherence to law, morality, and family structure. These are the basic building blocks, and foundation of thriving societies, and always have been. Disintegration of those things is death of the society, just as surely as systemic failure in the human body signals imminent demise. Vital function breaks down, and finally ceases altogether.

People want to believe this is ultimate freedom, throwing off God and God’s requirements. They want to believe that making ones own morality is equivalent to becoming god. Puny little man. How foolish you are. Can you hang stars in the sky? Show me the man who put a single planet into orbit! Step up, you who raised a mountain ridge! Who bids the sun to rise? What great man has carved out an ocean? Show me! Step forward and show yourself! Anybody? No?

And yet you dare to doubt the ONE who did all of that and more?
We may doubt His heart from time to time when our perspective is dimmed, in our puny human-ness. We may waver in convictions when the chips are down. But Whom God is, does not depend on what we think. Vain imaginations are rampant. A dime a dozen. So what?

God is God. He is the Creator. He. Gives. You. Every. Single. Breath. You. Take. He can stop your heart. You gonna thumb your nose at that, be my guest, but I’d appreciate a heads up so I can put some distance between myself and you. He has been known to strike people dead on the spot. You may have no fear but I do. I fear His power, you bet I do! He is GOD. Don’t you get that? No? Well, you will. You sure will one day.

You college student demanding safe spaces. You ranting liberal professor. You in-your-face lesbian. It is easy to play the bully with mere humans. You’ll find it a lot different getting around God with that attitude. You’re going to face Him. Whether you believe it or not. And no one is going to be laughing that day. No one will celebrate the wrath of God when it is poured out. Justice is no featherweight matter.

We think we know what justice is. Some people literally believe hurting someone’s feelings is a mortal crime, while killing babies is an inalienable right. What an inside-out and upside-down position!  Imbecility!  And yet, that kind of thinking is considered the height of enlightenment in today’s world.

Well, all I can say to that is that I am sure glad this world is not my final destination!

There’s a lot that feels unfair in life. There’s always someone else who has more freedom, more options, more money, more beauty, more power. If God is not the top, the ultimate end of the chain of command, then tell me this?

Why is it that you want to be Him? Atheist, agnostic, Oprah?  Anybody?  Why is godhood your goal? You’re so stupid you don’t even realize the implication of your ambition bears out and unequivocally proves the very thing you most vehemently deny! Your logic is so screwed up that the God you “don’t believe in” actually sits in heaven and laughs at you.