Charles Lawson – SUDDEN DEATH!!! FULL SERMON – YouTube

Note: As usual, the mention of any book, or other material is not a wholesale endorsement of that resource.

Death can come to us at any second.  We never know.  Last week was the ten year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting.  I remember the day, because one of my friends had a kid attending there at the time.  On the ten year anniversary, I happened to pick up the book written by the parents of one of the victims, Rachael Hill who died in that shooting.  She had “her whole life in front of her” and yet, she didn’t.  This is a sermon that will make you think.  That is a book that would make you think.  It’s called “To Be Continued” and the parents are committed Christians, as was their daughter.  The hope that is present and the Grace of the Holy Spirit comforting us as believers in times like that, is something the unsaved can hardly believe, and the Christian can hardly receive at a time like that, and yet we do receive it.  We have a loving, compassionate, and faithful God.  When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, I experienced that.  Like the Lord wrapped me in bubble wrap before the blow, and held me and carried me the whole way through until the chemo was done, and we could breathe a little easier.  We both look back  and know that God did that.  We had lots of people praying for us.  And God always gives us what we need to endure things, either by sustaining us, or supernaturally insulating us through it.  He is a good God.

Is He your God? If you don’t know Him, this sermon is His demonstration of that love for you personally if you watch this, because you are the very reason this sermon was preached, put on YouTube, then ended up on this blog for you to stumble upon.  It was not by chance.  It is God’s effort to save you.  Don’t let that pass you by. You may never get this chance again.