Well folks, it’s happening…

I had reason to contact my doctor’s office today, and did so via the online patient portal.  I have noticed that just about every doctor I know, has recently either retired, or regrouped their practice into a conglomerate/corporate co-op of some sort, which I have assumed is probably a matter of “survival”  for their practices due to how colossally (further) screwed up the laws became under Obamacare not to mention the already-existing and never-addressed myriad of other issues in the system.

Anyway, after I signed in, I saw a message indicating that my “history” was “0% complete”.  That’s the history provided by the patient, not history taken by the doc.  So after I addressed the initial reason I logged on (prescription), I went to fill in that history.  I realize this is all part of universalizing medical records, and is pretty much inevitable in this day and age. But still!

Here is what I encountered: Page one, allergies, diseases/medical conditions, page 2 medications, page 3 surgeries and hospitalizations, page 4 family medical problems/history , and then comes “social history”.  Hmmm.  Well, the usual invasive questions were there, about everything from sexual orientation and, ahem, practices, number of partners, and STD’s etc, to whether there is “exposure to animals” (I certainly hope they mean as pets, but it was right there after the sex questions)……. and then, there it was……!

“Presence of Guns in your home?”

Frankly I won’t be surprised to see “political and religious affiliation” questions soon.

Just. Wow!

And by the way, if you are on Medicare or Medicaid, if you fill out one of these histories on any portal, Medicare and Medicaid gets the info for their records automatically because billing necessitates it.  That’s the trade-off that comes with “help from the government”.  Not everyone who is on one of those government programs is some slacker.  Medicare is for legitimately disabled as well as retirement age patients.

I know that this question has been on e-forms and paper forms for a year or more already because I have read the reports of it  via other informed citizens, however, that was my first encounter, personally.

On that topic, are you guys as perplexed by how foolishly and readily people give up their DNA information these days?  I mean, have you seen all those Ancestry.com commercials that promise to tell you whether you are really descended from Germans instead of Scots or the great-great-great-granddaughter of an African Queen or other royalty?  How does that even work?  From what I understand that kind of testing can only tell you if you are related to someone up to first cousin level, and even then, they must have the DNA of that other family member (as well as verbal or written records already in existence) to compare to, in order to tell you with any certainty if you two are related, which you probably are going to already know if you’re talking about first cousins, which is not what these companies are selling!! They are “selling” a promise to tell you if back in 1752 who your “9 times great” grandparent was.   Really???


photo source: secruigene.com

DNA can tell certain traits which are known to be found more commonly in certain races and regions of origin, but just because you have that trait, doesn’t definitively tell you if you are descended from that race or region.

Seems to me, individuals  (a.k.a. customers, a.k.a. dupes) have little or nothing of concrete information to gain out of these test, however, for an entity which collects, oh lets estimate, millions of DNA profiles, that entity in possession of all those actual DNA’s of real people, have themselves a veritable treasure trove of useful information since they are privy to all million of those profiles, whereas you, the Ancestry.com customer, are not!!!

People are stupid.  Companies like Ancestry.com, 23 and Me, etc count on it!

If you are a Bible doubter, and you know that the Bible says that there will be a single government ruling the whole world at some point, that there will be a mark without which no one can buy or sell, and this will be enforceable, shouldn’t this make you consider re-thinking the likelihood of the Bible prediction?  I mean, what better way to compile a fail-proof identity registry than through the one thing that is totally and singularly unique in every individual?  Even finger prints can be altered.  Thus, may I submit that even those who don’t give credence to Scripture, should probably be very concerned about the potential uses (perils) of DNA handed over to who-knows-whom, for who-knows what real intended or even potential purpose and use?

DNA between groups known to be related, have multiple thousands of diversities between them.  DNA test that claim to pinpoint what area of the country you came from,  do not even take into account the migration that has gone on all down through history.

When my husband was being treated for colon cancer, he was heavily pushed to undergo genetic testing for the sake of determining risk level for that cancer, in our offspring.  My feeling is, if you have it, your kid probably does have a higher risk, what good to the patient or family is that test?  NONE! But the medical (and pharmaceutical) industry can do a lot with that info.  And in fact, upon researching it, I found out that is exactly how drug companies obtain the data that will support the potential benefit of gainging government (FDA) approval to research and develop certain drugs, which in turn, also convinces their sources of financial backing, a big chunk of which is guess who?  The U.S. Government.  “Big Pharma” is a real thing! One of the companies that does this DNA collection for specific disease risks is Securigene.

The Bible also says that there will be a time when one’s own family members will betray them in order to save their own lives.( See Matthew 10:21, Mark 13:12, Luke 12:53 )

If you were a Nazi in the early part of the 20th century, would it not be greatly convenient and useful to your “cause”, knowing who is related to the prisoner you just captured to take to Auschwitz?  Could go a long way in convincing a fellow not to resist, if you have  the names and addresses of everyone that prisoner knows and loves, would it not?  Bringing that back into the present, and the topic of these DNA tests which claim to provide you this wonderful information on “where you came from”, lets say you send in your DNA, and somewhere in another country, a distant relative you didn’t know about, sends in their DNA, and that distant relatives’ distant relative sends in his DNA, it isn’t going to show with any guaranteed accuracy whatsoever whom, throughout past centuries,  any of you were related to, and only those distant relatives who also sent in their DNA can even possibly be linked. But what it will do is create a very extensive database of foolproof positive identification of currently living people, and looky there, it also comes conveniently attached with the DNA doner’s address, financial information, and whatever other questions and facts that the company solicits when they send off their personal sample.

Think about it!