When God does something, He always establishes it by 2 or more witnesses, just as things in the Bible don’t just appear once, without some other place in the Word confirming it. It is significant that so many of us feel constrained in the very same way. The info is out there for anyone who wants truth. Like a flight attendant who sees to everyone before takeoff, then takes a seat and buckles her own seat belt, it seems God is giving us warning to make those perso –STL

What Does Watch Really Mean?

Terry James Prophecy Line

My heart is heavy today. I will try to put in words what I’m feeling the Father is impressing on me to share.

We “watchmen on the wall” have been blessed with such a network of technological wonder. Social media, the internet, face-time, blogs, tweets, and twitters to name a few.   We have access to every piece of information we could ever ask for (that in and of itself is a mystery to me—just who IS the internet?). Much of that information, these days, is false.  We know that now. We think we’re getting correct information from our sources, and in many cases, we are. But, is it bogging us down—sorting it all out?

What I’m saying is…with all our efforts at piecing together this mystery called the Rapture of the Church, are we neglecting our relationship with our Almighty Father? Are we leaving Him on the back burner while…

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