Bloodshed is coming to America

Suddenly, I am hearing “bloodshed is coming to America” a lot! And from a lot of different sources. –S.T. Lloyd

Bloodshed is coming to America, and it won’t be a response to oppression but the result of aggression – against God and our constitutional form of government. The increasingly violent acts in our streets, town-hall meetings and university campuses are simply birth pangs for a greater upheaval that’s brewing hot – and it’s not by […]

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2 thoughts on “Bloodshed is coming to America

  1. Probably true, but not necessarily a horrible thing. At certain points in each and every people’s history violence is necessary to purify the people. It’s a crucible in which to burn off a culture’s dross and alloy the true metals into a greater whole.


    • I can’t disagree with you there Jonolon, except maybe for the “greater whole” part, because we are not the “united” states any longer, and I can’t see the nation arriving at a compromise that would suit such polar opposites of ideology as the far left/far right paradigm has come to be. It’s sort of like the income gap. There are few “middle incomes” these days, but the numbers on assistance keep rising, and the uber-rich get uber-richer. Once that’s accomplished in full, we will be like North Korea. A lot of people think “it can never happen to America” but they thought that about Rome too. Globalism is the new religion of politics, the trend. First they consolidate power into the Federal Government (away from the states), then at some point they consolidate all of North America, and on it goes. Despite the popular vote, Brexit is still stalling. It is really hard to extricate from a union like that of the EU, once it exists. The continuity of government depends too much on so many things that have become entwined and interdependent within the larger entity. Great nations, like people, have “lifetimes” and eventually fall. A civil war in America in this day and time, would be so much worse than the first one. In general, humans have become more violent and less constrained by morality or faith, or even levelheaded-ness. So much happens on impulse now rather than reason. So, even if it is good for the nation ultimately, any civil war in the current political climate is going to be a really bad one, in terms of loss of life, and destruction of property and infrastructure. Wars are good for the economy, though!


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