The Most Shocking Message for America… (2017-2018) – YouTube

Sadly the video below very accurately explains what is happening in our present society.  It has been happening for decades to this degree in Westernized society and America as a whole, is only just catching up to the depravity and delusion, except for Hollywood.  They led the way.  It is amazing that the flyover portion of this nation has maintained a greater degree of truth and morality for so long, but for how much longer?  If I didn’t know the scriptures and didn’t believe them, I’d be despondent. For people already sold out to this “tolerate anything but truth” philosophy, for the most part, it is probably too late. They have so hated truth that they are already given over to the lie. My heart breaks just thinking of what this nation will be like in 20 years, if the Lord has not returned by then.  But there is a remnant.  There are many kids who have been home-schooled, who haven’t been surrendered to some screen or other, as a babysitter, and I imagine if America is still standing in 20 years, those home-schooled kids will have a big role in accounting for that fact.