Insanity abounds!

You would think that after a while, we’d become accustomed to how crazy this world is, but although many have become completely desensitized to the point it seems normal to them, Believers in Christ, who know prophecy and stay up on current events, remain sensitive to these things.

A ceremony in a kindergarten class, in which a child is introduced as a girl, goes into the bathroom, changes clothes, and is “re-introduced” to the class as a boy, with a different name, causes several girls to cry and wonder if they, too, are going to turn into boys. This kind of thing indicates just how delusional our educational system has become.  Teachers, first of all, thinking something like that is their choice to expose kids to, without any warning or notification to parents.

Pulling an Asian sports announcer off duty for fear his name, Robert Lee, might fan the flames of outrage against American history and heritage.

Conservatives and Christians being demonetized left and right on YouTube.

More hatred of all things American, by Americans who want to turn America into something else entirely.

More and more, lately, I feel like I am sort of in a daze.  Like I suppose one does tend to get, in the midst of unrelenting attack.  I love America, as we used to be.  I love the fact that many, and I believe it is a majority, still want those old American values to be upheld. But we have been invaded.  I am not talking about illegal immigration.  I am referring to the globalist agenda, the Marxist ideology, but underneath still deeper, I refer to the Satanic “plan”.

When so many of the positions of power in a nation have been captured by those with an agenda of destruction, no matter what the beliefs held by the majority of the citizens, the whole population becomes subject to the dictates and actions of that ideology that has captured the power. Lets face it.  The Lord gave us a measure of reprieve in the recent election, but the prophecies of scripture are so obviously being fulfilled at this moment, the only thing left to question, is how much further this all will progress before our Lord calls us home.

I am not staying nearly as continuously plugged in to events these days as I have in previous recent years, but I hardly need to.  Every last one of the phenomena that we have tracked up until now, are full-steam ahead, barreling headlong toward complete societal breakdown.  It doesn’t much matter which means this is accomplished by.  We hear talk of a coup against Trump, we know that Obama’s “resistance” and the work of his fellow-globalists and agitators continue just as before he left office.  The “resistance” within the government itself, is stunning.  What a mess!

The unrest is global.  Seas roaring!

How the Lord must look down upon this Earth in grief, and in wrath.

We who belong to Him long with all our being, to finally break free of the curse of this world, and go to Him.  We trust that all things will take place according to His plan, but it has been a long night already.

I think of the weariness of war.  Who is not tired of war?  The talk of sending more American troops into Afghanistan.  I understand the need to finish this thing we started over there, and I am very glad to hear that we are getting out of the nation-building business.  But I don’t want my son, nor yours, not one more of them, going over there and dying.  For what?  If they are going to go, please at least send enough of them that they are able to look out for one another.  Do what you went in to do, and get home. Islam is not Isis, nor any other specific faction.  Isis is like a snake that when it gets cut in half, just becomes two snakes.

I long for the day that the satanic agenda of radical Islam is put down. Not just for the damage it has done to America and around the world but to it’s own people.  I look forward to the time when Christ will rule with a rod of Iron.  Peace and Safety,

Oh Lord, how long?

It sounds repetitious, but it’s the sentence which passes through my mind and goes up in my prayers the most anymore:

The Spirit and the Bride say “come”!