Internet security, it’s a mythological and not real thing. Un.Be.Liev.A.Ble!!!!


  • A casino hacked via it’s fish tank
  • Encryption of Financial Services Files, and requiring ransom to release them (via a malicious Word Document in an e-mail)
  • Denial of Services attack in Architecture industry, via hack of Drawing Pad
  • Harvest of Usernames and Passwords and network security profile in Health Care Industry field
  • Hack of Government systems via malicious advertisement with intent to transfer funds
  • Access of external server using the still-active credentials of a former employee, to reach the property management system for purpose of stealing hotel data in the Hospitality industry
  • Hack via 3rd party data storage vendor, to steal intellectual data, in the manufacturing industry.

The “Internet of Things” is sending us back to the Middle Ages

Darktrace Global Threat Report 2017

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