A Michigan Woman Is Sent To Prison For Refusing To Vaccinate Her Son – The American Dream

And yet, a school nurse is not allowed to even ask the parents of illegal immigrants whether their child has had shots at all!!! –S.T. Lloyd

Rebecca Bredow, of the Detroit area, has has been sentenced to seven days in jail for refusing to bring her child’s vaccinations up to date.Bredow appeared at a hearing on Wednesday morning at the Oakland County Circuit Court where Judge Karen McDonald sentenced her for contempt of court after Bredow refused to comply with court orders for her to allow her son to receive all his missing vaccinations within one week.

Source: A Michigan Woman Is Sent To Prison For Refusing To Vaccinate Her Son – The American Dream

One thought on “A Michigan Woman Is Sent To Prison For Refusing To Vaccinate Her Son – The American Dream

  1. Wow, we need to be in prayer for her. My kids were not vaccinated. My older two had to as adults due to military/work. My younger 4 (26-17) have not had theirs and found out due to their medical condition it would be bad for them. Gods hand surely kept my kids safe. Its funny because over the years I took my kids over to friends homes whose kids had the chicken pox and they never got them, none of them did. They rarely get sick and yes they go out in public. I attribute a lot of that to mostly healthy eating, actually playing outside, vitamins when we remembered, having pets (heard something about that being a good thing) NO T.V. as kids, running around getting dirty ha ha. and the cover of prayer every night at their bedside. I never pounded anyone into believing as I did and the few times we went to the doctors they were very accepting of my choice. A lot of doctors and experts will scare you into believing that if you don’t vaccinate it is very very harmful. Well with that frame of mind so are cars, you can get seriously hurt or die if you get in an accident. So is fire, you can get burnt or die being in one. Better rule out living in a home, lots of stuff can happen there. I realize and very grateful it has not been hard for me, Thank you Lord Jesus. This poor woman, I will add her to my prayer list. This is just my opinion, compliments of our great military and our great country and the freedom it allows me to pursue my sometimes wacky sometimes right on ideas I have had through the years ha ha. Love Mary

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