The Light Seed: New Spirituality Teacher Says “The Jig is Up” to Those Who Believe in “the Blood of the Lamb”

The article at the link below my own commentary here, demonstrates just how fast the door is closing in America on freedom to give out the Gospel and live out our faith. It is from Lighthouse Trails, a ministry started in 2001 by David and Deborah Dombrowski as a response to learning that a mystical-type spirituality had entered the Christian church through many avenues. The blog that I am re-posting it from,  (The Light Seed) is run by a Godly mature Christian man who came out of deep immersion in the New Age and Mysticism, and has a burden to warn people about the same sort of things from his own experience, and to spread the gospel. Lighthouse Trails and The Light Seed are both very good resources for those who want to stay on top of these developments and the rapidly increasing prevalence of them.  I encourage readers to look into the Parliament of World Religions mentioned in the article, if you are not aware of that body. The storm siren is wailing and there are still so many sleeping right through it. The Antichrist spirit that possesses the globalist movement is the same Antichrist spirit that possesses the multitudes of deluded people crying for a change in America to Communism, stirring up violence in the streets all over the world, and this Antichrist spirit has so invaded the church that true believers have heeded the Biblical warning to “come out of her my people” to the extent many can’t even find a fellowship that is sound. A year ago the trusted names in Prophecy were saying “I don’t think we are quite there yet (the end of the end-times) now they are saying we are on the brink of going home. That is a message that much too little of professing Christians don’t understand and even outright reject. For the rest of you, this is a must-read article. One other thing I want to add is this: Ever since I started Serve Him in the Waiting, there have been attacks coming out of the woodwork in my life.(I think there is probably a chorus of “You too? I thought it was just me”  resounding from the digital ether). It is not your imagination! Satan is pulling out all the stops. These blindsiding attacks that have really rocked me with devastating emotion are dangerous. Especially for one like myself who is over-endowed in emotion, and highly sensitive. Emotion is not a bad thing, but giving place to excessive emotion can be. On top of that, I have developed the habit of converting hurt to anger because anger feels less threatening and helpless, and I am a word person. In the multitude of words is no want of sin. I have become a much quieter person generally, but hurtful situations are my Achilles heel and I haven’t conquered that issue.  Lets pray for one another, and keep working. I am having to get on my face just to keep going. I find my own “old man” of the flesh rearing up now more than ever, overall. But we can’t afford to fall for that. It is what the enemy wants. It is imperative to pursue the Lord about any strongholds or breaches in our life that give “place” to the devil, but to be renewed in the spirit of our mind, putting on the New Man. I so covet and appreciate your prayers for me.  Something seems to have stirred up the very nature of sinfulness that exists where ever and whenever and however it can, all over the Earth and that something is the spirit of the Antichrist. It is war. No question. I say with Paul, I’m the chief of sinners, and cannot afford to give place to he flesh or the devil or the ways and tactics of the world. God grant that we finish well.—S.T. Lloyd

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