Checking out AOL news this am, saw this story, did one search, and wow, what I found….scary!

Watch the video captured and posted on twitter by a member of the audience in the first link below. Watch Wendy’s face. That is not someone overheating and passing out.  She saw something or felt something that really scared her. And she was backing up from it, and then down she went.

Wendy Williams Collapses on live show

Now look at this:

One of these things or two, pointed out by the person narrating, could be passed off as video anomalies, but if you watch the entire video and see all the things that the youTuber points out, you can’t doubt he has detected something real. The devils in people are coming out into the open. They are getting meaner all the time, as the restraints are lessened.

Better quality video of the incident just posted on YouTube (put it on .25 speed and watch her eyes. I have seen a lot of people faint, even fainted a few times myself, and one thing that does not happen when someone faints, is their eyes don’t get wider open!):