The 3 ARKS of the BIBLE  – by Reg Kelly

Reg Kelly is one of, the most humble, but most learned preachers and teacher of the Bible that I have ever listened to. He connects dots to provide a picture when most of us didn’t even know there were dots, much less a picture or “type” or example, and is especially good at showing us how one piece of the Bible connects with the others.  He’s a self-proclaimed simple “good old country boy”, and has a good singing voice too. He probably won’t sing in these type of clips done out in his barn but in the pulpit he is prone to breaking into a cappella song.  He is out in Missouri, and granted, if you’re not from there, or at least Texan or Tennessean, Kentuckian, Virginian, West Virginian, Carolinian or Alabaman you may need one of your friends from one of those places to interpret his twang. But for the rest of, I’m sure you will hear him well and feel right at home–S.T. Lloyd.