Illuminati now Recruiting Members openly?

Read on Geri Ungerean’s blog: The ILLUMINATI: Once a Secret Society Now Recruiting For Members Online

All I can say is, Wow! just, wow!

2 thoughts on “Illuminati now Recruiting Members openly?

  1. It’s really getting “in our face” now, isn’t it? In recent months I watched a series of interviews on “Prophecy in the News” with Doc Marquis (former Illuminati, now a Christian who exposes the secretive group). Afterwards I decided to see what else might be on the internet on this. Sure enough, a quick google search easily came up with the Illuminati website promoting their organization, its goals and key objective (“the betterment of the human species”) and inviting people to join!

    • Yes, indeed! They wanted the world to believe it was all wacko conspiracy theory until now, and since they believe they have everything lined up and ready to put final phases in action, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag and begin to recruit the people. Between social media, Ancerstry DNA, digital medical records, and surveillance of our cell phones, it’s not surprising that they are probably a lot further along their agenda than most people realize, even the ones that are trying to keep up. Those videos are creepy.

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