By the Numbers


It has been a few years since I posted a summary like this, so I thought it was about time for an “inventory” of sorts.

Serve Him In The Waiting….

  • has been viewed by visitors in 198 countries
  • has 639 Word Press followers
  • 91 email followers
  • 78 Twitter followers
  • is composed of 5,004 posts and 94 pages (material not in the main blog stream of daily posts)
  • has averaged  between 27 and 427 daily views throughout the years, depending on how many posts published on those days
  • Contains links referring readers to 64 additional resources for sound Biblical information, news, and more.
  • will turn 7 years old March of 2018
  • most popular day Monday
  • most popular time of readership 9pm

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your readership and your prayers, and praise God for all He does herein! It is a privilege and I am humbled to serve in this way. I have made some life-long friends, shared joys and sorrows, and been blessed beyond belief via this blog.

I hope all of you are keeping your Christmas season simple and peaceful.  I am definitely trying to do that.