You might be middle-aged if…


My friend’s grandbaby and chickens

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You might be middle aged if you go out on your Valentines date with hubby early afternoon on the Sunday before Valentines day so you can avoid the crowds & get home with enough time leftover before bed, for your nightly sitting-on-the-couch time.

Driving to the theater, I saw a sign that said “equal rights Virginia”. When we got closer, I could see that in the smaller print, it indicated it was “equal rights for women”.


I mean, we have women in high-rank positions in the military, girls playing football, and Nikki Haley is going to be the first female President. I think this “Me Too” movement has pushed some women over the edge. I imagine many of the Hollywood “metooers” were more than willing to grant physical favors in exchange for a bit of clout or recognition on their aspiring ascent to stardom. Women crying out for “liberation” and entrance into a previously male-only “club” have to accept all that comes with that. Men will be men, just as boys will be boys.

Except, of course, those men who want to be girls.

Gender Dysphoric disorder. Liberal rule numero uno; re-name the thing that offends. If you call it something else, the average American will think it is something else. Don’t say pro-life, call those pesky “sanctity of life” nut jobs “anti-abortionists instead!

And why is there still a “sex-offender registry” if it is merely a lifestyle preference we are now referring to as “minor-attracted”?

That is the problem of recent generations embracing the lies that say”you must be true to self”, and “you can be anything you want to be” and “follow your heart”. Oh and the really big lie that tragically leads People to believe “God is not about judgment, He is all about love”. What we humans “want” is not what is good for us, because we ate sinners. Let Jesus save you, and it is like an addict getting clean. You will wonder how you ever “liked drugs and drug culture. Jesus can give you a new and clean heart, if you will ask Him to.

There are videos all over Youtube of kids and teens sharing how their transition to the other gender was not the answer to that feeling of “not right inside”, and they transitioned back to the gender they were born as. Hmm. I guess chromosomes matter after all. Hey, somebody put that on a tee shirt, quick!

Satan has to keep coming up with new fake disorders. In the fifties you were considered deviant if you had multiple sex partners. Now you are a freak if you have only one. The sexual revolution of the sixties, the feminist revolution of the seventies, the “coming out” queerification of the eighties, the New Age “Oprah-fication” of the nineties, and the “e-everything” tech explosion of the new century that practically ended the skill of conversation, (if not human interaction itself) and made porn available 24/7 anytime, everywhere, to anybody.

Up next, sex robots,which is just 4- dimensional interactive pornography, if you think about it. But don’t. Think about it I mean.

Bestiality is already a thing, but at least it is still in the proverbial “closet” (of old). (Except in Amsterdam)

Personally, I would be happy if everything that has come out of that closet, would turn around and go back in.

Yep. Definitely middle-aged. Such antiquated notions, eh?

The movie we saw this afternoon was “The 15:17 to Paris”. Directed by Clint Eastwood, this movie portrays a real life event which took place three years ago. Three American 20-something men, who grew up together, reunite for a tour of Europe. The cool thing about it, is that the actual men who experienced this event, play themselves in the movie. Get a mere 2 or 3 minutes minutes in, and you will forget these aren’t actors. Only a couple of known actors are in the cast. Judy Greer (Ant Man, The Wedding Planner) and Jenna Fisher ( Best known as “Pam” from the comedy “The Ofice”) play the mothers of two of the young men. The narrative interspurses some back-story/history of the three friends, with scenes of the heroic event, and even some actual footage of “afterward” all throughout. There was one gratuitous Paris night-life scene that briefly showed scantily-clad females, but then, girls dress that way (like prostitutes) in High School these days. There was also the seemingly ubiquitous profanity sprinkled in. Two of the guys were servicemen, after all.

It all came off very “real-life believable” as opposed to the over-acting we are conditioned to, which is probably why it seemed to drag a bit. Not quite as moving as many of the post-9-11 hero stories that were so profound to watch, that the entire theater remained silent in their seats for several minutes after it ended, but does leave you feeling like it could happen to you and wondering how you would have reacted in similar circumstances. Probably not as moving due to the fact terror attacks are now the norm. I would give the film a 4 out of 5 stars.

Now that we have internet and Youtube, The Voice and AGT, it has become clear that the Hollywood actors, musicians, talk-show hosts and news anchors are not such “rare talents after all. My goodness! What ever shall become of them, I wonder? Explains a lot about the chummy relationship of media with politics. They are both furiously trying to hold on to their elite status. But all that is and was hidden, is now coming out into the light of day. Just as the Bible said it would. Imagine that!

Well, a little about the pix above. A few recent projects. Mosaics, so much fun! Pastel Narcissus as they are a symbol of hope, and the colorful Bunny in his Easter Sunday outfit. I didn’t’ know I could whittle, until I did it! This is my 4th one. Gonna do a rooster next. After I paint BB King. Commissioned by my hubby.



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