Not backing down

When I was young, I ran. I loved to run. For 24 years or more, I have been unable to run. Even if you do everything to be healthy, something can come along that strips your health away. It is hard to accept. Especially when you are a “doer”.

We are living in one of the most hateful, selfish times in history. Our enemy would love nothing better than for us to quit, just give up. But when you encounter spiritual turbulence, that is the worst time to let up. It means you are doing something the devil doesn’t like. It could be anything from being a witness of the gospel, to simply trusting the Lord for something you really need.

Just because the devil is raining down discouragement on your head, doesn’t mean you have to absorb it. Walk out from under his cloud.

By the grace of God, and the power of the Blood of Christ, the remnant will prevail because He gave us the Holy Spirit as our “earnest” until He comes for us, and changes our corrupt flesh for an incorruptable body.

Somebody is depending on your prayer. If you fumble, someone is going to pay a price. Maybe not you. Maybe your son or daughter, husband or father. Prayer is like RAID insect spray. It won’t kill ’em, (principalities and powers) but they will back off long enough for you to get your spiritual bearings, and check your connection to the Power Source.