I can’t think of anything that I enjoyed more in my life, than to receive a letter from someone I care about. To think I was important enough to them, that they wanted to maintain connection and share their thoughts and the minutiae of daily life.

When they said something funny in the letter, I could hear their laughter in my mind, because we had spent time together.

I had a few pen pals through the years. But letters became very rare once e-mail was invented. I still wrote, but received fewer letters.

It is an unfortunate trade that has not made our society better.

Now that everything is digital, we are literally relegated to mere numbers. The barest bones of communication, without benefit of smiles or remembered laughter and shared secrets.

I think I would opt out of e-mail altogether, if not for the fact that if it weren’t for e-mail and text, I would never hear from anyone.

My Bible is the best letter I ever got. A letter can be kept, held, read again. The Bible is God’s letter to mankind. There is encouragement, wisdom, hope, and help in there.

In some of life’s hardest times, I have slept with my Bible hugged to me in bed because I needed that tangible token of God’s presence with me in a difficult time. It was tucked in a neat zipped cover, so it did not harm the Bible. It was more comforting than a childhood Teddy Bear.

I want God’s Word inside me. I wish I could unzip my chest and set every word of it right in there with my heart.

It is a pleasure to study God’s Word. A great privilege too! And yet somehow, there are times I lose my appetite for it. It is times when I get lax. Times when some junk food of the world is spoiling my appetite.

There is a lot of talk about clean eating these days. But little to no concern for what our spirits are feeding on.

Lord bestow on me an appetite for Your Word, grow me strong and healthy on the nourishment of the Bible.

Without You, we can never accomplish anything of eternal worth that can withstand the fire.