Killing Free Speech vs  winning the battle for hearts minds, and souls.

I have stepped far back from covering things political here, and as Bible believers, we know where all of this is heading. But as long as we remain on this earth, we have been called to stand against evil, and for truth.

Evil includes children and women, and some legitimately endangered people being used as pawns for cover  by criminals and serious enemies of America, crossing our borders with various quests, but one of which is intent to eradicate freedom and turn the U.S. into yet another socialist failure. Sadly, decades of indoctrination in public school, Governor’s school programs, and colleges, and now in the social justice gospel even the church has left many of Anerica’s young adults not only ignorant but completely misinformed about what is really happening. The enemy has succeeded in literally inverting the definitions of words to the extent now we have young people behaving as fascists calling conservatives Nazi’s. We are at that place where good is called evil, and evil is called good. We have thrown away with both hands, the blessings God previously gave to this nation back when the nation was submitted to God and Judeo-Christian values. Romans 1 says that when you don’t want to retain God in your knowledge, you are given over to the evil you are so enamored with. Your heart will be darkened, and professing yourself to be wise, you become a fool, and God gives you over to darkness, filth and depravity.

Video 1 below shows where we in America are. ( you can get the gist even merely skipping through it).Video 2 and 3 tell us how we got here, and where this world is headed next.

Our light has largely gone out, as a nation, and our salt has lost it’s savor. America is falling not due to political ideologies, but because we have rejected God.

America is not and has never been the barometer of the World. Israel is the true “center”as far as God is concerned, and a pivotal war is about to take place there, wherein the world will know the Lord is God. Globalism will be implemented, and the world, all peoples, all religions, will be unified under one leader. The Bible calls him the antichrist. At first he will seem like the world’s savior. But it will not be so, because he will be the embodiment of evil who despises mankind for the simple fact humans are created in His image.

True Christians know that this age is ticking down the final seconds.

What comes next for this world, will reveal tragic truth that has been rejected and then forgotten in this world. If you are worried only  about the direction this nation is headed, you are bailing water instead of shutting off the tap.

The war is not about nations. The fight is in hearts and minds. There is a Savior. His name is Jesus. And if you don’t know Him as your own Savior, then nothing you do will count in the end.Wars and Nations come and go. Fads and religions fall in and out of favor. But God’s Word remains forever. We can continue to pray for mercy, but prayer for America is possibly a waste of time at this point. We need to pray for souls.

(Disclaomer: I do not believe true salvation can be lost. But I do know scripture says there will be many who think they are saved, who are deluded, will hear “depart, I never knew you”. If the last video causes some of those to examine themselves, and realize they are not saved, and they are convicted to repentance and true salvation, then I say, that is a good thing.)