“God convicts the world of sin” because they don’t BELIEVE – God is NOT mad at you”

Grace for the humble, law to the proud until every mouth is stopped.

This message is to those who believe the gospel, and yet are being caused to fear and doubt, by those who try to add a works requirement.

I am wearied by the “religious correctness” that has been foisted onto Christians so they abstain from contending for the true gospel. People want to feel they contribute to their own salvation and their own sanctification, but the Bible says clearly that we don’t. This truth is so freeing when finally understood.

Made-up terms like “cheap grace” and “easy believism” have caused confusion. Jesus said He came not to call the righteous. Why do you think the story of the ten lepers is in the Bible. ( Luke 17). Jesus healed ten, only one really appreciated the magnitude of what Jesus did and was grateful enough to come back and thank Him. The others went on their way to get on with enjoying the aspects of earthly living they had been missing out on. Saved people who never really seem to change, are still saved IF they have heard and believed the true gospel. Faith is counted as righteousness. The parable of the laborers (Matthew 20) who all were paid the same, even though some worked since sunrise, and others only worked the latter half of the day, underscores this point. It is the Master’s business if He chooses to pay the latecomers the same as those who agreed to work all day for that wage. The disciples begrudged having ” given up everything” and thought they deserved a better reward than new believers. The landowner was merciful to the latecomers. Works and fruit are not to be judged by man.

3 thoughts on ““God convicts the world of sin” because they don’t BELIEVE – God is NOT mad at you”

  1. Good commentary, Sandee, and just to add, that a fear of LOSING one’s salvation also falls into that same category, i.e., believing the gospel, but still having to work at staying saved. These 2 links may help clarify that falsehood to anyone who struggles with that fear/belief. They are short explanations from “gotquestions.org” on 2 of the main “stumbling block” verses: Hebrews 6:4-6 and Revelation 22:19

    …………Context is everything!



    • Yes, thank you for that, Linda! That is a common misunderstanding too, and if no one tells them, I think it is almost a reflex to assume we have to maintain our “standing” with God after we are saved.


    • Here is another important scripture that can be a stumbling block on the “lost salvation” issue: John 15, which gives a parable on the branches that don’t abide in Christ being gathered up and burned.. “Gotquestions.org” gives some good clarification about this apparent “contradiction” on eternal security………



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