Covering their tracks.

A video proving Christchurch false flag, scrubbed after 50,000 views on Facebook, and Youtube blocked it and scrubbed all mention of it.

2 Parkland students “commit suicide”.

1 Sandy Hook parent ( the one caught laughing seconds before press conference went live) also ” kills himself”.

Last week it was asserted that AOC is an actress, hired to do what she is doing, so someone anonymous is really running her seat in congress.

The globalists truly thought they had done enough cheating to secure Hillary’s election. They thought because they have gotten away with so much for so long, God really wasn’t going to do anything about it.

Never underestimate the potential of a praying remnant’s sway with an Almighty God.

And the Lord wasn’t kidding when He said deception would be rampant in this hour, was He? Trust no one but Him, and those the Holy Spirit assures you of.

Final seconds. It will be a rocky few weeks, if we are around that much longer.

Do you think it is ok to celebrate the fact I probably won’t have to keep that next doctor’s appointment?

Well, ok, maybe not just yet, but it could happen!


Play nice!

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