Yay Spring!

Sorry about inconsistent postings. As most of you know, I have some functional challenges that effect productivity at times, an issue for 23 years now, and I “ain’t gettin any younger!”

Since we now have an empty nest, I can invest energy into efforts long-postponed. This week, hubby was home, so not a lot of time spent on reading news, viewing videos. I also have been working on a Theology degree, and all in all, as the weather warms up, it is really important for me to get out and move around.

My posting has not been consistent for some time, but in general, I do more with the blog during the “staying in” time of winter.

My creative energies have gone less to original writing, and I typically now just strive to get out the most “breaking” end-times developments.

I find that people read less and less, and when it comes to intense news, the more brief, the better. Thus the turn toward mostly reposting informative videos. Frankly, after ten years of this, it can wear on a person, and I am thankful for the younger, and/or more energetic “reinforcements” that have entered the prophecy-awareness business. There are also “pros” who have been at it for decades, but I wasn’t called to such full-time effort.

Hopefully, though, once in a while, I will do one of these “on a personal note” posts, just to stay in touch. Of course if Damascus gets obliterated, or anything huge happens, I will jump on and let ya’ll know. But we might all be flying up anyhow, any moment, Amen?

Here are some photos of my latest project that has kept me busy for a while.

This porch was pretty much empty before, and in need of a good scrub. Now, I love it! And here are some spring foliage pics from my yard this year, mixed in.

Other bench. Hubby painted, I did the artwork.
Stained glass thingy I made from an old clock case.
Country kid!
Swing boy!

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