Islam’s role in the coming civil war in America. Usama Dakduk, Anni Cyrus and Phil Haney, DHS Whistleblower.

Islam believes Jesus was not crucified and is not the son of God, and that Mohammad has the role of the Holy Spirit as comforter. That is antithetical to Christianity. This is a few years old, but even more critical and relevent now. We have many Muslims in state, local, and Federal government.

Now think: between Islam in America and the massive power of CAIR, the torrential influx daily of non-citizens absorbed as they cross the border, and the new spopularity of Socialism (groomed via public school and college into the new generation coming of age), do you think the patriots still outnumber all of the others?

Ok, we have the guns. But how long will it take for all those weapons bought and hoarded under Obama to be distributed? And do you seriously believe the weapons collected in “gun buy-backs” were actually destroyed?

God is in control, but occupying means to ” hold the fort” in context of war, and this may mean, aside from prayer and witnessing the gospel, being informed and actively working to stem the rise of these anti-America ideologies at the same time. That is, unless you are fine living in third world conditions for however long the Lord tarries. Rapture could be any moment, and I believe it is, but what if it is another year?

3 thoughts on “Islam’s role in the coming civil war in America. Usama Dakduk, Anni Cyrus and Phil Haney, DHS Whistleblower.

  1. We oldies(Patriots) will not last long. Most are 45 or older and many, like me, are passing away, I live in what America now considers poverty, Yet I live better than 90 of the world’s people. Says something doesn’t it. We are fast approaching the Iranian living conditions of slavery and need. I look forward to the ‘snatching away’ of TrueBelievers. Even if I die in the flesh, I will go in the rapture.:)


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