On the current governmental landscape

Even though I know the Lord is coming soon, “a hope deferred makes the heart siick” and I follow the political developments as well as the spiritual/prophecy related ones, though I rarely do posts on them any more. The fact remains, we are still here until we are not. Thus, I take an interest in what is going on in our government. I believe American’s political goings-on is a significant piece of end times things, in that America is such a key player in world power and economics. I will be glad when it is all over for the remnant church but meanwhile, my heart hurts for the victims of pure evil present (and rising) in the world. We are all sick of war and suffering and long to see Christ bring peace and order and show His power and authority to the arrogant and defiant people in power. I am thankful for the many believers ( remnant church) who woke up, fell on their knees and repented on behalf of the church, and our nation over the past decade. I believe that Trump is a mercy God has extended for the sake of those who humbled themselves and prayed and took accountability. But as I have stated often before, I don’t trust him any more than the others. So long as it looks like he is looking out for the nation and helping preserve our right to practice our religion, I will give him the benefit of the doubt, but as almost every other modern president has been a tool of the globalist agenda, he could be also, in ways we can’t yet see. He can do well for us now, and still make a move that is deadly for our nation in the future.

That is by no means intended to glorify Trump. Even most of his “spiritual advisors” are badly off in their theology. But if God ever uses anyone if He doesn’t use sinners, because that is all that is available to Him down here in the human race.

There are some professing Christians that think it is not proper for a believer to take any part or notice of politics. But if the charter citizens who came across the pond had adhered to that policy, America would not even exist. God ordained government. There have to be people in authority for any society to succeed.

I quit blogging about political stuff soon after the advent of the Q Anon phenomenon.  For those who don’t know what that is, I will try and explain.

You have no doubt heard the term ” the dark web” by now. The dark web is, to the cyber world,  in many ways, what the mafia is to civilization. It is a world where actors (not the Hollywood kind) can operate covertly and often without consideration for law. The dark web represents a lot of evil, but just as a task force sometines has to infiltrate and work from within the criminal element to defeat it, the dark web can be a means by which law-enforcers can neutralize the power of the lawless that is rampant online. The deep web It is a part of the worldwide web that is invisible to the general world populace of internet users because it is accessible only by special software, configurations and special authorizations. This network of untraceable online activity and websites cannot be found using search engines. This sector of the web is used by lots of different people and organizations to keep their web activity hidden for both good and evil intentions. The dark web is part of the deep web.

The difference between dark web and deep web is this: none of the deep web is accessible via search engines. Much of he deep web itself is not illegal for the average person to access, though it can be quite seedy. On the other hand, much of the dark web is illegal to access, and naturally those who practice crime, go there to facilitate their dirty business, whatever form it may take, under the cover of darkness it provides.

Unless you are trained, you can easily venture onto an illegal site on the deep web by accident. By contrast, almost anyone hanging out on the dark web is up to serious crime and evil, except for the ones on there for purposes of law enforcement.  Picture an iceberg in an ocean. The worldwide web is the portion visible above water, the deep web is the undersea portion of the iceberg, and the dark web is the unfathomable murky depths beneath the iceberg.

Dillan Curran of The Guardian states:

The darknet (or dark web) is one of the most fascinating vestiges of humanity we’ve ever seen. It’s an aggregated swamp of all the darkest aspects of internet activity – child abuse images, drug markets, gun shops, gore smut, stolen merchandise, anarchist guides, terrorist chats, identity theft, hacking services”

Back before Trump ran for office, some major hacking of government cyber intel took place via Bradley/Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, but of course they didn’t invent electronic espionage. Every nation who is anyone on the world stage, has to have their own experts because it is the new battleground.

Hackers obviously can be a major security threat, but some see Manning and Assange as heroes for exposing some if the graft in governnent and military, especially in relation to recent wars.

I have never delved extremely deeply into WikiLeaks and the Manning/Assange thing, but anyone who has a television is familiar with those names.

Well, the character known as “Q” purports to be someone using this same deep web tech to fight that graft we all (who are paying attention) know has been going on . Q is believed to be someone (Anonymous) very close to Trump, ( if not Trump himself) who has been using the deep web to communicate with the pro American- sovereignty/ anti globalist populace. He feeds coded messages to a select group of decoders using the Gematria and “twilight language”, (polysemic language, or double-speak. Words with dual meanings) with respect to “secret knowledge” or enlightenment. I think many of the “Anons” do not know the occult nature of this phenomenon that has so many in it’s thrall.  The messages are about all of this crazy stuff happening in the U.S. government and a supposedly secret plan of how to put an end to it. Many if not all of the Q decoders and Anons that I have watched or read, claim to be Christians, and some seem to zealously believe they and Trump are bringing about a God-ordained righteous salvation of America, of democracy, and thus of the world.

The problem is, the Gematria is pure occult, known primarily as a mystic tool of Kabbalistic Judaism. Some call it numerology. (Which is not the same as Bible numerics which merely notes the connection of certain numbers to actual events  or principles in scripture, but some do take even numerics so far, seeing patterns that are not there, and they  do veer over into numerology). The Genatria uses the Hebrew alphabet (the characters of which also serve as the Hebrew numerals) to get what they call  ” secret knowledge” like that with which Satan tempted Adam and Eve. The people you may see on YouTube who are discussing the messages (referred to as “Q drops” or intel drops) don’t seem to realize the occult nature of this whole setup they are following.

Therefore, I think it is important for people to be aware of the ” Q thing” because I believe it is facilitating the formation of the strong delusion of 2 Thessalonians 2: 11.

We are coming up on the presentation of Trumps peace plan in June. At the same time, Israel is being forced to eliminate threats coming out of Syria around and in Damascus (Isaiah 17), and meanwhile US jets intercepted, I believe, 6 Russian jets at the very edge of Alaskan air space last week, and our Navy has documented the presence of Russian subs off both our East and West coasts in recent months. Simultaneously, Trumps sanctions on Iran (regarding nuclear capabilities) and on China (regarding trade), as well as Turkey, regarding armament purchase agreenents Turkey made with Russia, and the new  Saudi pressure on Palestine to engage in a peace agreement, all of this aligns the world for the Gog-Magog war. With Trumps penchant for bluster, many are afraid he will provoke attack on the U.S.

With U.S. government in stalemate on policy and legislation, and Obama’s stacked courts helping the Dem’s continue their determined effort to take down of Trump, while Trump’s side apparently has a whole lot of irrefutable, soon-to-be-released evidence of treason on the part of Obama, Hillary, and the Dems, and the globalist enablers, right now the entire mechanism of U.S. government is nearly jammed completely to a dead stop. Such chaos, lawlessness, and disorder could easily lead to total collapse of government in the U.S., That would mean we could not help Israel when Russia/China/Iran/Turkey invade Israel to take their abundant oil and gas resources.

The Q phenomenon has conservatives convinced Trump really is draining the swamp, while the Dems in office, and extreme leftists in mainstream media, Hollywood and Music industry, public school and colleges all have convinced  the rest of the citizens that Trump is the criminal and his supporters are haters who deserve to die.

The investigations that have been known about on alternative media,  the rest of America (sleeping ones) is learning about on the mainstream news only now. These developments, were all revealed by code to Anons, and this started during Trumps campaign. Supposedly the patriots (people who want America to stay America) in our military and FBI, DHS and CIA were taking notes and making plans all along for the day Obama left office. Now they claim Obama and Hillary themselves are going to face charges of treason. Well, I don’t doubt treason went on, and no doubt good people did take action. But it will be to no avail in the end.

Some believe that anon/Q is all a hoax. But the info being fed out, seems to very  accurately predict things that do come to pass. Of course, so do some things that psychics predict, right?

Imagine with me, an apostate church practicing “centering prayer”, yoga, impartation by laying-on- of-hands. Disciples of Beth Moore and Joyce Myer and Paula White believing these (Jezabel) “pastors” are prophetesses hearing directly from God, and telling then they can, too! This has created millions of open doorways for individual demons to enter and gain power inside people and churches and society. Can you see how everything around us is getting so hard to make sense of? Does it feel like much of the human race has gone literally mad? Well, they have. You are not imagining things. But for me, it still bears watching what those in power are doing because it gives us cues as to the shortness of time remaining for the church.

Paula White claims she led Trump to the Lord. But seeing as Paula White is a false teacher, she could not have led Trump to our Lord. She led him to her lord, the god of this present world at this present time, which is Satan, who is masquerading as the “enlightened one” and he is that vague “higher power” everyone calls by different names. When they say “we all worship the same god, just different ways and by various names” they are correct. The Bible makes it clear you are either with Christ or against Christ. We are not “all god’s children” (born-again believers) but they actually all are the children of their father the devil.

And many who call themselves Christians are not. And some of them literally do not realize it. If you want to determine if someone who claims to be saved is really saved, witness to them. If they get indignant, they are one of the ones that thinks they are saved, but aren’t. And those kind are pretty impossible to reach because they think they have already done or are doing what is required for salvation, and thus are now inoculated against the true gospel.

Think about it! The ego of Donald Trump? Some emissary of the coming antichrist (Paula White) tells him God Himself has chosen him to save this nation and therefore the world. How would someone with a overblown estimation of their own power and influence react to such a declaration over them? Has Trump broken any laws? If he has, it would be financial, which might be why he refuses to produce his financial records, but good grief, Obama never even proved he was a citizen, so aren’t we beyond that now anyway? Ilhan Omar isn’t even a legal citizen since she falsified her immigration records and married her own brother so he could get citizenship too.

It would be so easy to hope this is the real plan of God. That somehow God has stopped the clock, granted some overtime, so our kids and grandkids get the chance to experience the America we used to be, and to see them have families of their own. But with the state of much of the young adults now, well, it is a very tall order, not that God doesn’t perform miracles, but there is still this little matter of the seventy weeks God ordained for His dealings with Israel, and the fact in scripture that tells us the age of grace is limited to a certain number of those getting save in this particular age or dispensation. That person could be on their knees this very second, and as soon as they call upon the name of the Lord and are saved, out we go!

And many say, “since the church was born, men have believed Jesus’ return was eminent, but all things seem to continue just as they always did before.

Exactly! That is exactly how God said it would be when Christ comes to claim His bride. That, and the comparison to Sodom and Gomorra and Noah’s day, to this time. The floods and tornadoes and fires and earthquakes, the increase in drug use that alters the consciousness of the users and lets the devil come right on in. The pedophilia, which is now in the process of being removed from the DSM as a mental illness, and joining the ranks of the LGBT LMNOP lineup. I see at least a couple of stories in the news each week of someone being arrested for having relations with their dog. And the kicker? They are not so much concerned about the act taking place, as they are about it being cruel to the dog. Dogs have assumed a very bizarre place in society today. And that phrase in itself is insane. But it is true. You cannot go anyplace, even a restaurant, without the possibility of encountering a dog, and I am not referring to real service dogs. The political correctness police are such a threat that people are afraid to kick out a dog. A whole lot of dog lovers will tell you they prefer the company of their dog to that of fellow humans. Every commercial has a dog in it. Or dancing. Or dogs dancing.  Crazy people are screaming about how cruel it is to deprive women of abortions. Their right to have a doctor stab a forceps into the baby’s brain through the soft spot opening babies have, or via the base of the neck where the spinal column connects to the brain. Their right to have that baby dismembered and pulled out in chunks. Our very own Governor here in VA, a former Pediatrician no less, coldly and ludicrously stating that if the baby survives the abortion, they will make it comfortable before they let it die, if that’s what the patient decides. Excuse me, one of the patients. The other one is not given a choice.

If you knew the real statistics about the prevalence of child sex trafficking, pedophilia in those in power, the sheer magnitude of brutality on children, born children in whom the capacity to feel pain is not debatable…the aborted ones suffer, but at least it is usually over in minutes, while many kids are used 30 times a day from as early as 2 years old, until their early death by age 11 sometimes by snuff, and I am not referring to tobacco. Snuff as in life snuffed out, via some sick fetish or even occult sacrifice.

When you know these things, you can hardly bear to even pray about them because even holding the knowledge in your conscious mind for a few minutes can be so horrible and disturbing and upsetting.

Most people are willfully ignorant. Many who know it goes on, refuse to think about it. Seared consciences.

Once you know, you can’t un-know. How many E.R. doctors and nurses, school teachers, police officers must harden their hearts in order to just do their job? God must address the evil because He is a just God. No one will have an excuse, who participated in the atrocities the human race inflicts upon one another. Nor will they be able to say they didn’t know it was wrong. Because they all had a conscience at one time. They did evil by choice.

Every day there are news stories of children dying in locked cars because parents are so busy,  stressed, drugged out, or sonetimes for sheer selfish convenience? How many children (and women) go missing every single day in America. America is the number one producer and exporter of only one thing now. Pornography.

The love of money, makes multi-million dollar business owners take huge salaries while the backbone workers receive a barely subsistable salary? Big business, Big Pharna, Big Banks rob from the middle class, give enough to the poor to secure their vote, and view both as useless eaters they plan to soon be rid of anyway. And just like a movie plot, many of those will find they are not as elite as they thought, when someone richer, more powerful eliminates or enslaves them. And then the next echelon until it reaches the antichrist, Satan himself, believing he has conquered God, and even Satan is going to find out Who is really in charge.

That is a lot of delusion yet to occur.

I am glad I won’t be here. I hope you are ready. I hope the people I have shared the gospel with have truly considered it. I hope those who call themselves Christians but never had any desire to learn more about the Lord, or do anything for others in service to Him, have really examined themselves using the Bible as their reference, because your heart can fool you. And these days, most people have been duped into believing feelings are facts.

I thank God for His mercy, and I am so glad He has a plan because sitting here in this world right now, the knowledge that I will leave this world some day soon is the only thing making it bearable. The atmosphere here, we are not designed to thrive in. We are passing through on our way to our real Home with the Lord.

God help America, God help the unsaved, God help the innocent children, and I would not want to be their abusers come judgment day. There is an unveiling happening even now. Exposing things, but one day all of it will be laid bare, and that is only after God gives Satan his 7 years of complete freedom. You like to watch the Walking Dead? you’re going to experience it. in full living color, if you do not put your faith in the sacrifice of blood shed on Calvary as your Passover. Your deliverance. Your redemption. You need a Redeemer. You know you are lost, but you don’t realize how lost. Your chance to do anything about that is coming to an end very, very soon. You have been warned, and your blood will not be on my hands when I stand before God. The state of our government is bad. But not nearly as bad as it is going to get. Not by a long shot. All the horrors you love to watch and pay money to see in the theatre and on your television or computer, that thing you love to feed  on now, will be your reality then. Wake up, see truth. Surrender and submit to the Grace God is offering today, because that is going to end as well.



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