There is a Coming Day

I don’t know if it is my imagination, or the unusually winter-like Autumn that has descended here in VA, but it feels like a shift has taken place and the world has crossed a threshold in the past month or so.

The deadlocked conflict within the US government, though not new, has reached an intensity not unlike that of the Civil War.

The rot is much more extensive than even the most cynical of us ever imagined. Mainstream news, including Fox, is not covering the vast number of raids and arrests being made across the US and Europe, on pedophiles and human traffickers. Even at the Vatican.

We are seeing just how lawless the lawmakers are, and most of them are involved in pedophilia.

But most chilling is the bloodlust and ruthlessness of those who hate God and any semblance of morality, restraint, or accountability, the frank meanness and cruelty.

There are common citizens all over the world that are standing up against the globalist Marxists in power. But the roots have had too much time to burrow down deep, and there is no means available to mankind for destroying them.

There is a coming day, when God will cease from holding back the evil of man and the dark forces in the spirit realm. Satanism is being embraced. For decades the New Ager’s touted their hope of turning the world into Nirvana, achieving universal peace and love among all citizens of Earth. But now those benevolent “spirit guides” are removing their masks, and engendering a much less peaceful approach. Anger us palpable in the air, no matter where we turn. The rage of Satan himself is at a cosmic intensity, and those whom he possesses are behaving accordingly.

Remember a few years back, the crazy viral social media challenge that asked us to describe the dress as to whether it was white and gold, or blue and black? That was not a fluke. It was a “test” designed to measure how successful the PTB have been in programming the masses as to what they should think. It was designed also to cause people to question their own perceptions.

It proved that an alarming degree of mind control has been achieved. That was only 4 years ago. Now consider the fact that the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Republicans have all read the transcript of Trump’s Ukraine phone call to Zilensky and the interpretation of each is polar opposite of the other. It is straight down the line between conservative and liberal.

How is that possible? Is it a testament to the power of mind control?

I say it isn’t. Instead, it is a fulfillment of Biblical principle. Those who have no love for truth, will be ( and are) given over ( by God) to believe a lie. What is the lie? It can be any lie the devil wants to tell them.

After the dress color phenomenon, there was the ” Mandela Effect” that caused many to question their own memories. Was it Berenstain Bears or was it Berenstein Bears?  Which led to such insane questions as “is the world really round, or is it flat”?

Why has the Bible been gradually changed? Is the Daystar Jesus, or Satan? Is it possible for two opposite things to meld together into a new third “thing”? Christianity holds that Jesus is God, and Islam holds that Jesus Himself, when He returns, will proclaim to the world that He is not God, but that Allah is.

Things that are different are not the same.

And yet, pope Frances asserts otherwise.

As we watch prophecy being fulfilled, the disparity between those for whom truth is sacred, and those who despise truth, will grow greater and greater.

Russia, Iran, and Turkey are poised just north of Israel. Israel’s government is in complete disarray. A majority of Americans support Trump, but never mind that, because the globalists have been challenged and they are furious. They also don’t realize how many of us “deplorables” populate the “flyover” (aka heartland) of America.

Conservative people are restrained by nature. They know what they know, and realize that the opinions of the liberals have no bearing on the truth. Truth stands on it’s own two feet, and nothing can destroy it. Conservatives generally are not brawlers. They are like the muscular country boy that could break in half a yappy chihuahua Liberal but doesn’t bother, because he knows the yappy chihuahua Liberal is not the 150lb Mastiff he imagines himself to be.

The “power” of the elites is 100% delusion. That goes for Congress, and it applies to the Ezekiel 38/ 39 alliance.

Truth will be made manifest. As born again believers, we have no reason to fret or fear. With an election coming up for America, and with the exposing of lies on the part of and in protection of the corrupt leaders in congress, judiciary, and the previous administration, things are going to happen in America that we couldn’t have imagined 11 or 12 years ago. The guilty are panicking. They cannot afford for so many to wake up and realize the travesties they have been committing. They have contingencies in place. Foreign troops on U.S. soil, Soros money, UN ” peacekeepers”.

Could they pull off an assasination? Probably, but the vast majority of Americans now believe the Kennedy assassination was a CIA hit.  Everyone is aware, too, of the infamous Clinton body count.

America is unquestioningly now “bi-polar”.  Trump seems to have grown weary of concerning himself with the admonitions of his advisors, to act with decorum becoming to the presidential office. He only ever managed a thin sheen of it to begin with, but the gloves are off now, as us the muzzle.

Frankly, the dignity of the office died the first time Clinton went on late night television.

Trump’s impetuousness will be his downfall, in my humble opinion. The people will re-elect Trump in a landslide if the Lord keeps the restrainor in place that long. But it will not matter, because the global powers that be will not let it stand.

Those many Christians in the Q-movement, who truly believe Trump, Pence, and Pompeo, along with military insiders and the cyber army of citizen investigative reporters, will bring down the rogue actors in the ABC agencies and shadow government, are in for a crushing disappointment. They believe that because “our side” has mounted a resistance (finally) and we have started to make headway on abortion, and challenging discrimination against Christians, that God is hitting the pause button.

When we are conceived,(or posibly before the dawn of time, by His foreknowledge)  God writes our name in His book of life. Jesus died for the sins of all, so we are not ultimately and irrevocably condemned until and unless we refuse God’s provision of redemption. He may offer it to us time and time again, but at some point, His offer will expire for those who resist the conviction, and some receive grace until their final breath,  He does wash His hands of those who don’t want salvation, and leaves them to the consequences of their choice. At that point, He blots their name out of the book of life.

The line is distinct. Strong delusion is in force even now, and those with discernment cannot deny it.

God is almost finished with His dispensation of grace. I believe we are in transition now. Like the transition between the gospels and Acts, between John the Baptist and Jesus revelation of the mystery of the bride.

Transition, in labor and delivery lingo, is that last stage of labor where it gets extremely intense, the cervix dilates (like a portal opening) and ends when the baby is delivered. It is also, mercifully, the shortest stage. It lasts anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.

Let the fact God describes this period of the age of grace in the very terms of a woman in labor. I think we should be prepared for some significant pain in the coming weeks. This is what God has been preparing us for. If He led you to stock up some food and first aid supplies, this may be when you will use some of them. If He led you to arm yourself, this may be when you will find out why. I am not advocating war or violence. But violence, and even war are now a realistic possibility, anything from riots to looting and mayhem that accompanies the loosening of restraint and rule of law, which we already see taking place.

Halloween will be more significant this year. We know that real Satanists really do offer sacrifices, summons dark forces, and perform rituals on this night. They know this thing is reaching a crescendo. Their ranks have swollen much in recent years. They have infiltrated the schools, colleges, and worse, the seminaries and churches. There are testimonies to this fact all over the internet, given by former satanists and witches who were saved and redeemed from out of the darkness.

Originally the UN global initiative was set for 2021. Now it is agenda 2030. Green New Deal, Earth Day, Environmentalism, global “unification” , saving “mother earth” Global government, ecumenism, it is all for the same end goal. It is real, and out in the open.

There is no more time to ponder. God created this world. He is the arbiter of truth, morality, and justice. A day is coming. You will bend the knee and acknowledge Jesus as Lord of Lords and King of Kings. You WILL face judgment. The verdict can only go two ways, possibly even depending on what you do right now, so I suggest that you pause and consider the things you are about to read.

Apocalyptic events are getting ready to fall upon the planet Earth. At some point, Christians will be removed, because this will be God’s cup of wrath reaching it’s full capacity, at which time it will be poured out full strength, and those who have received salvation are not appointed to wrath. God’s wrath over their sins, meted out on Jesus substitutionarily when He hung on the cross. Famine, War, Pestilence, and death will cover the world to a degree never seen by mankind. Suffering will reach unbearable levels. The devastation of the Fukushima disaster, the Sumatra Tsunami, the Haiti Earthquake, 9/11, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, pearl Harbor, Vietnam war, Korean WWI, WWII, Hurricane Katrina, The Holocaust,  Humanitarian crises in Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nigeria, Syria, and Venezuela, The Crusades, , the mass killing of 45 million under Mao Tse-tung, all of these combined and happening simultaneously, would not come close to the conditions of the Biblical Tribulation that is soon to engulf the Earth.

God created the world, the universe, the animals, and you. He has the power to destroy the world and it is His prerogative to do what He deems just, with each of us. He gave us the law, we violated them. We are guilty of breaking the law, whether it was a lie, lust, murder, theft, coveting, any of His commandments. We are guilty. We can either owe the penalty ourselves , or we can place our faith in the finished work of Jesus the Christ by believing He came and died on the cross to pay it for us. We can never pay our own penalty, and hell is forever. Ask for the blood of Christ to be applied to your guilt. Relinquish your rebellion and the sin of trying to be your own god. Realize you are condemned before a Holy God. Admit you are guilty, ask for mercy and grace and redemption through Christ, and then confess Him as your Savior, out loud, to someone, anyone, because He said if you confess Him before men, He will do the same for you before the Father in heaven. You may think this is ridiculous, that the Bible is fairytales, but you are going to find out it is all true, and when it starts to happen, it will be too late for your belief to save you. You will bow, you will confess, either now, willingly, or later, as one condemned by the very One you despised and disbelieved.

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  1. Really good article. My only rebuttal is: How do we know the true shape of the earth when we have never seen actual photographs of it, only CGI renderings? The scriptures indicate that the earth is not a ball (it has a face and is a circle) and that hades lays below the earth not “inside” it (it has depth, it is anchored and unmovable). Now wouldn’t this be a strong delusion? There is no mention of “planets” in the original language, and stars are lights as are the sun and moon!
    My point is that NASA lies. We all should know by now that the people who founded NASA are of the worst ilk. And there are ample proofs that they have indeed staged “space” events — especially on the space station. Sadly, we were born into a matrix of lies. And what they intended for evil (internet – world wide web – think spiders web) God has used for good (to open the eyes of those who hunger for Truth and thirst for Righteousness. And those who want to side with Truth will “gird the loins of (their) minds” and face the truth and the possibilities squarely. You might look at Truth is Stranger than Fiction Chanel. Will, the man who makes the videos there is a true brother in Christ and well- studied on all of this. Also the videos on The Potters Clay channel are really helpful and more simple and straightforward than Will’s videos.
    Of course, as in anything, when we attempt to speak truth, the liars come out with lots of things to make it look absurd. . .”lie lie lie and make counter-accusations” is their “mantra” after all.
    Ultimately, it is good to not trust anyone except God Almighty — and to TRUST Him COMPLETELY. The Holy Spirit gives us more faith. I believe it is up for the asking. Please increase my faith! This is not saving faith. . this is living faith. . .
    Also regarding “Mandela Effect”. I think it is caused by the media . . . deliberately sewing confusion. For those MANY Christians who are so unfamiliar with their Bibles that they would believe God would let it be “magically” changed (and I admit that a couple of years ago I myself doubted momentarily because I was used to the 1984 NIV at that point, but have since switched to KJV) I say get familiar with the Word and you will know the Character of God to the point that you know that He is True even though all men be liars. And, Ahem! Maybe they should turn off that lie box called the television and eschew all such influences as might lead them down wrong roads. Entertainment IS the opiate of the masses. . and we are called to be holy. Let’s Stay Alert! God bless you. Hope

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