We will know soon enough

Before long, believers will know how it’s all going to go down. Persecution of true Christianity is coming in America, and anywhere else in the world where it has not yet arrived. The question is, will we be here for it.

In my view, we may be here to see it really set in, here in the US, but not for too long. For a while, I thought we may have been coming to a pause, but I have continued to keep up with the discrepancy between mainstream news outlets, and the free press that now exists only online.

While it is obvious that left-leaning secular mainstream pundits and journalists and globalists are under delusion, and that a huge swath of churchgoers and pastors have gone apostate, there is also a faction of confessing Christendom in America, and beyond, who really believe that Trump and his administration are slowly succeeding in ” draining the swamp”.

Folks, it’s too far gone. The corruption has consumed so much of government throughout the world, including here, that it would take decades.

When you consider Trump’s removal of US forces from Syria, the door is wide open and the Turkey, Iran, Russia alliance are pouring in. The economies of many Middle Eastern nations are precarious and who ever gets control of the oil, will be ” king” in that region.

There are probably quite a few bullets, drones, and who knows what other means of demise, with Trump’s name on them. All along, I believed that our prayers will be the main factor to decide how it goes for America as the final prophecies fall into place. Israel has no government right now.

Remember, sudden destruction will come like labor pains while the world is humming along in a business-as-usual fashion.

Even for the age of Grace, God’s cup of wrath must be ready to overflow. One or two final believers being born again, may be the only thing holding things up.

It sure seems to me that the mainstream media and loud-mouthed lying, leaking, cheating Democrats, and their ( none-too-few) Republican(RINO) counterparts are succeeding in convincing the uninformed majority that Trump must be impeached. I don’t believe the majority does believe it, but part of being conservative, is that we don’t run our mouths, nor constantly spout our opinions, so the squeaky-wheel yammerers, the snowflake young adults, the spotlight seekers, and those who get their news from Facebook, truly believe themselves to be the majority. They’re not. They just control the narrative. Will Trump be impeached? Yes. He will. It matters not that he is innocent. But impeachment does not equal removal from office. When Clinton was impeached, it made him more “popular” than ever. If the votes are not tampered, and if the electoral college is allowed to function as designed, Trump is going to be re-elected. But those are some pretty big if’s. This ” impeachment inquiry” is a farce. But since facts and truth are all relative now, that won’t matter.

I always say, you can’t make sense of crazy. If you try, you become crazy yourself in the attempt.

There will not be a return to common sense and rational behavior. The delusion got started long ago, it’s just that it ‘s never had power over so many. Schools stopped teaching students how to learn, and how to think. It’s all indoctrination now.

In my opinion, God is still honoring faithfulness of prior generations in America. But our light is very dim now.

If order is maintained long enough to have the next election, results will be contested if Trump does win. Enough has been exposed, though few know it, about the previous administrations spying and attempts to frame Trump, that Bill Barr’s investigation is now officially a criminal investigation. Crimes were committed, but not by Trump. They have their evidence, and the Dems know it, all the guilty parties know it. Some still believe they are invincible and untouchable. But God’s promise to expose the hidden things, probably extends to that corruption. As more evidence is published, and proof established, the urgency of the globalists to remove Trump, will be many times greater. He won’t be removed from power one second sooner than when God’s finished His purpose of putting him into power. He will be “bulletproof” until his role is finished.

Rest assured that at some point, God will give to those who despise and rebel against Him, all that they’ve been wanting.

It’s going to get ugly. In America, in Israel, but first Damascus will be obliterated. The circumstances in Syria this past week, became ideal for that fulfillment of prophecy. Israel is surrounded by her enemies, and the IDF and IAF are bracing and fully expecting impending war.

Who do you need to give the gospel to before it all goes crazy? Because I am convinced that as utter chaos falls, the age of the Gentiles ends, we are taken up, and it will then be too late for unbelievers to escape what’s coming. Draw near to the Lord, and He will draw near to you. Nearness is safety, regardless what horrors may occur. Rough terrain from here on out, however long it is.

It’s closer than ever before. Hang on. Maranatha!