Democrat-run Virginia legislature to criminalize all CURRENT owners of AR-15s… door-to-door gunpoint confiscation coming soon By JD Heyes | The Common Sense Show

Ok, I can’t post this one without commenting. First, Dave Hodges is all-worst-case-scenario, all the time guy.

Second, I live in VA, and “ain’t gonna happen!”

Thirdly Virginia went Dem because of Northern VA, which the rest of VA no longer claims.

Fourthly, A lot of VA is rural, full of hunters and shooters and probably 1-10 guns per each gun -owning household. Our grannies can shoot, our kids can shoot, and even our dogs have watched us shoot enough to figure it out for themselves.

Fifth: these gun owners practice. A lot.

Six: of those who voted for the Dems, a certain number of them probably own guns as well, but don’t practice, because they think their intellect, and a college degree is kryptonite for keeping the rest of us redneck wahoo’s in line,

Our sheriffs will deputize entire counties if they have to.

They know it, we know it, but if they are fool enough to try, at least had fair warning!