Globalism and Q-anon

Everything in the world is being consolidated. This has been a trend for at least 40-50 years. Think about it. We used to go to the hardware store for nails and paint, the drug store for prescriptions, a local garage for car maintenance, the shoe store for shoes, the market for food. Now, it is Walmart, for everything. Other countries have their own versions of Walmart.

I saw a headline this morning where three tech companies Apple, Amazon, and Google are coordinating so their own products will be compatible with each of the others.

I remember in the Reagan years, they were busting up monopolies like “Ma Bell”.

I don’t know when it happened, but FedEx, DSL and UPS now partner in such a way that your package may be picked up by the US Postal service, get handed off to FedEx part of the journey, and delivered to the final destination.

I started this blog nearly ten years ago. At first, I just wanted to share some of my writing, but I am a prophecy watcher, and politics is my favorite sport, so those became a part of it too. Not appealing to one specific audience, blog traffic can vary greatly from week to week, and month to month, depending on subject matter.

I began curbing my focus away from politics around 2016-17. We had survived Obama, and were nervously waiting to see if Trump was going to be true to his campaign promises, and I wasn’t sure anymore whether it was worthwhile, in light of how quickly prophetic developments had begun occurring by then.

American Christians really need to separate Christianity from patriotism.

It’s not that the two can’t coexist, but too many in America tend to limit their scope of informed awareness, to America-centered developments, and view them only through the lens of their Americanism. The only pertinent geopolitical indicator that can give us insight regarding prophecy, is Israel, The only way the rest of the world is relevant to the times, is in their treatment of Israel, the Jews, and Jerusalem. And antisemitism is making a global comeback with a vengeance. One more ” sign of the tiles”.

I don’t know how many readers of this article know about (or give a hoot) about the topic of “Q-Anon”.  I have been keeping an eye on it, though not posting or writing about it, because I wanted to figure out more of what, if any bearing or significance Q-Anon has in the scheme of end time events. Some Christians say it is nothing but a distraction from the more needful exercise of giving the gospel, and sounding the alarm for how late the hour is. It certainly can become that, if you let it. That warning being stated, I have concluded that Q does factor into the prophetic picture, in a specific way, and so I want to try and lay out why I think so and how it matters.

If this is your first exposure to the topic, I understand some of you may want to check a little more into it, but don’t let it entice you away from searching of the scriptures because it can draw you in, and dominate your time allotted for “staying informed.” That is precisely reason number one, that this article is being written.

You see, to pull off an ambush, the enemy has to distract, disarm and silence the watchmen.

The second way Q-Anon is relevant is, there unequivocally is a spiritual aspect to it, which is two-fold, in that most everyone who covers Q and talks about Q-related stuff on their platform, professes Christianity, yet at the upper level, there are anons who use the Gematria to decipher the messages in the q drops, and the Gematria is a form of Jewish Mysticism. Since the coming tribulation is about the Jews, I can’t gloss over this as it could well have some role in the coming great delusion.

First, some basic terminology for the uninitiated.

Who or what is Q?

Q is someone who has direct communication with Trump. Trump is using Q as a work-around to the news outlets like major newspapers and network news,  ( all owned entirely by radical left globalists, including Fox) which block anything that credits  Trump in any way, and are purposely putting out disinformation to make sure sheeple hate him.

Trump ingeniously took his message to the people directly, by a grueling campaign schedule of personal appearances in the totally ignored and untapped territory the elite coast-dwellers call flyover country, and his use of social media.

“Q” refers to the military’s (and FBI?) highest security clearance. The only one that allows direct access to the Commander in Chief himself and gov’t secrets, ( that is to the best of my understanding. I never worked for the government, nor know anyone personally with said clearance. Then again, it is kept secret, so I suppose I wouldn’t know if I were aquainted with  someone with Q clearance.).

Twitter, Facebook, all those big tech social media conglomerates, are among the ranks with the sold out mainstream, so they are squashing that avenue for Trump’s message. They let him tweet, they all just restrict the Trump supporters who retweet, or support Trump’s messages.  But every ” hole they plug”, Trump and Q seem to find another way to keep getting their communications to the people.

Q began disemminating the POTUS’ messages to Trump’s supporters, before he was even elected, maybe even before he annnounced his bid. But few were in the loop at first, and they added extra root and branch pipelines as needed, from there.

Word has it, high ranking conservatives in the military, and many who were ” relieved of duty” by Obama, asked Trump to run. (I suspect as soon as Obama got in office, they started planning how to undo the damage he planned).

Q relies on the “Autists” as the first stop for his messages, because they are given in code. I am not sure why they are called that, except that it might be a way of honoring autism.  People with autism have so much to contribute in this world, and in my experience many have been given sight and insight into the spiritual realm, as well as amazing gifts of intellect such as that of Ray Babbit ‘s Rain Man by which he has the ability to count how many straws are left in a box after just glancing at the ones scattered on the floor. Others can do things like solving one high level equation on a blackboard with their left hand, while translating a greek paragraph into latin with the other. This is called Savant Syndrome, and is present in a small percentage of people with Down Syndrome and with Autism, and even in some brain injuries. I believe autism represents those areas of our brain that became dormant once the human fall from grace occured. Maybe God gave this gift to some among us just to remind us what we traded off for sin, but that’s a topic for another time, just thought I would throw that in.

The Trump’s son Barron reportedly is on the Autism spectrum. I personally have speculated if Barron could possibly be Q, or at the very least the inspiration for thusly labeling the “autists”, irregardless the Autists decipher the Q codes in the Q drops and manage the cyber aspect, including setting up alternate cyber routes of communication when the left, (and minions thereof) shuts Q down.

The Anons, may have various roles. I am not versed on all of the workings, but once the Autists decode the messages (Q-drops), they take the clues gleaned from Q-drops posted on a site called 8kun (and there’s also an app for Qdrops).  Previously it was put on 8chan, and before that, 4chan. All of those are in the “dark web” territory.  DO NOT GO THERE unless you are cyber saavy, because you might accidentally (or on purpose) stumble (mis-click) into some area of the web that could flag your IP address and you might get swept up in one of Trumps (many successful) porn and human trafficking stings that you don’t know about because the mainstream news doesn’t report them. You’ve been warned! Anons then disseminate the de-coded message on YouTube channels, Patreon, Bitchute, and other platforms, though there is an expectation Youtube will soon delete any channels that give Trump positive coverage, or spread his messages there.

The left are implementing the socialist Marxist strategy of making people hesitate to believe things that are not convenient to their own agenda, by calling it a conspiracy theory and you WILL see mainstream media news ridicule it. I have investigated it enough to conclude that Q is not the newest Urban Legend. Q-Anon as a movement is not only real, it, too, is becoming global.

Many prophecy watchers believe we should not take the Trump effect into account, or as having any bearing one way or the other. The “indicator light” for prophecy, is Israel, Jerusalem in particular. But that doesn’t make developments in America irrelevant. I learned during the run-up to 2016, how informed and invested people all over the world are, in what happens in the US, and much to America’s shame, they knew better than than most Americans, what was at stake in the 2016 election.

Trump is a reprieve, for sure. The difference his election to office made, however, is not so much a difference in the remaining time before the Tribulation, but in the conditions under which America ( and thus many other nations) will endure during that remaining time.

And that is why Q Anon, and the “Trump effect” is a worthy thing for Christians to at the very least, rudimentarily know about and understand.

As we know, God can use the same person, whether good or evil, and their actions, whether good or evil, to fulfill His purposes while Satan is trying to accomplish his own evil.

One purpose I see being fulfilled, is Luke 8:17, and Mark 4:22 where God tells us that nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest.

There have been massive amounts of things done in darkness, which are being brought into light of day. (You won’t hear much about that on the television news, because it would make Trump look good). Like also, the magnitude of the massive global scale of human trafficking, and how much of that involves children, and most disturbing if all, the real reasons why the left needs abortion to stay  legal. If any of that is a surprise to any of you, you need to turn off CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and start researching.  If you have even a sliver of moral outrage, or a heart, the news only gives you seizures, migraines, and blood dripping from your ears anyway! Christians should be comforted in knowing that what is coming to light is all part of God’s plan. But it is only fitting that all humanity come to know what has been endured by the most vulnerable, as pawns of the elites.

God must expose it all before He empties His cup of indignation on Earth for it. God always warns, and always makes perfectly clear why a punishment is being delivered.

No one will wonder then, why God seemingly “let evil people get by with the evil they do”. Everyone will find out, they haven’t gotten away with it. No one gets away with their sin. God is not mocked. Vengeance belongs to Him. It is ironic how people blame God for tragedy and suffering, while denying their own culpability. If you cheer the thought of them finally “getting what they deserve”, there is an aspect of it you aren’t considering. It is not only those responsible for genocide, human trafficking, abortion , oppression, and corruption who will be held to account. It is every liar, fornicater, thief, and blasphemer. Every one who refuses to worship our Creator.

A just judge cannot let violation of law go unpunished.

Punishment, wrath, must be administered, and must be received either by the guilty, or by the one person who ever was truly innocent, and that is Jesus, THE CHRIST.

If, you happen to be a Christian Q-follower, don’t allow yourself to be invested in what looks like an amazing turnaround. If you do, you will be devastated when promised indightments don’t materialize, or only a few peons take the fall while the ones really running the show, get a complete free pass. You will be defeated if one of Trumps enemies somehow makes it past all Trump’s layers of protection. You better understand those with ” skin on” who really have governmental power in this world, belong to Satan. Because for now, Satan remains, by God’s permission, the ” god of this world” until Christ reclaims it and throws him and his cohorts into the bottomless pit.  If some big names do fall, don’t let the excitement of finally seeing some bad guys exposed, override your duty to spend time allowing God to form “Christ in you” your hope of glory!” The Word is your only weapon. Your vote won’t protect you. The left had every intention to steal the 2016 election. God saw to it they failed. They will not fail again.

What many  Christian Q followers don’t seem to take into consideration, is this: What if Trump, like all the rest, has just been playing a role doing what he does best? Abive all, he is a showman. I want to believe there is some legit swamp-draining going on as much as anybody. And maybe there is, only the swamp is as global as the New World Order soon will be. Think iceberg. Think Titanic. Everyone partying, celebrating, eating and drinking in merriment. By the time someone noticed the iceberg, it was too late.

What if that appearance of a return to stability to America, is that state of peace and stability the Bible warned will lull the masses and have them so busy celebrating, investing, buying, selling, marrying?

Obama’s task was placate those who want the nanny state, and what if now Trump is soothing the ruffled feathers of the bootstraps contingent while the Globalists make their final, last minute moves?

The enemy doesn’t mind ruining people, doesn’t hesitate to “suicide” those in the way. He doesn’t have a body. So he uses someone who craves wealth and power like he does.

How many of you found yourself letting go of doubts about Donald Trump. How many at one time thought Trump was a debauched, arrogant, foul-mouthed hedonistic egomaniac who loves money and all the wonderful things money buys only to “realize” (or maybe just wonder if) you were wrong about him, and that he really cares about the “little guy” and selflessly took this job without pay, because he already has enough money and is really just this humble fellow? Show of hands? I have to admit I found myself wanting to. But we can’t afford to let ourselves be fooled.

Why do you think God reminds us our battle is not with flesh and blood, and what is one of the crucial warnings about the latter times? Matthew 24: 24.  Such rampent and potent deception, that it would even (if possible) fool the elect. –Don’t anyone accuse me of saying, or insinuating Trump is the antichrist. That is not what I am saying– If we ignore something as big (and becoming very global) as Q-Anon, that becomes a huge blind spot Satan can exploit. He has to produce deceptions that fool many different types of people. He knows the Bible, but he is not omniscient.He has a ton of bases to cover, thus a limitless store of contingencies.

The Christians I hear talking about Q, with a few exceptions, seem to truly believe God is “fixing America”. Yet some of the watchmen and women, haven’t even looked into “Q”.

I’m writing this so the watchmen and watchwomen who do full time gospel work, and prophecy teaching work, don’t have to take time away from that to vet this. It is not something they can devote so much time to analize, but I know they get asked. I am also doing it for those who have the time, but not the inclination. But most of all it is for those Christians whom I can see who were never taught prophecy, and think this is the ” third great awakening” literally.

So consider this a primer and feel free to repost with or without credit to this blog.

I look at the ministries going out over the internet, and am amazed how many there are. Many good, but also many that dispense falsehood amongst the truth. Some subtly, some not so much.

Anyone who wants truth in the news, pretty much has to find it online, but if you really want the whole truth, you have GOT to watch these developments through a Bible lens.

This is not a comprehensive essay. It is my own understanding, gleaned from my examination of all things Q.

Now. Zooming back out to globalism and how Q relates,
globalism starts with consolidation. Like Walmart decimated and eradicated Mom and Pop businesses by convenient access to many goods and services under one roof. This “divide and conquer” method is calibrated to break apart humanity into the more manageable groups of “like kind”. It ultimately decimates and eradicates sovereignty of nations, seeks to blend every culture into one,  and consolidates power and government of all peoples under “one big roof”.

On the secular “left” in America are the mainstream media and press with the Democrats. On the secular right are the Republicans conservative bloggers, tweeters, youtubers, and numerous other platforms. Britain is divided left and right as Conservative Unionists and the Scottish National and Liberal Socialist Democrats. Israel is so divided they have been without a government for over a year, and are headed into their 3rd election of that year of time. Every nation in the Middle east has undergone upheaval simultaneously, it seems. It is happening all over the globe.

Big tech owns Twitter, Facebook, and youtube/Google and they are purging conservative, Republican, Independant and Christian voices. Liberal socialistic and secular humanists, however, are free to speak, write and make content unharassed.

There are alternative platforms popping up that uphold free speech. But oppression will happen there too eventually.

Divide and conquer is one more means for consolidation. Separation must take place because what works agaist conservatives is not the same approach as what works against liberals. Once you have them split, orchestrate a war, let them cull the masses on their own, then the ones who are left will be broken and desperate, and easily subdued, ready for peace, longing for stability and safety, and a man who can give it to them.

That is what Q has to do with coming globalism and End Times. Granted it is one small puzzle piece, but the complete picture won’t form for us if we let pieces drop by the wayside and overlooked.

I hope that this article will serve to inform those who might have wondered about Q,  and warn those who are counting on the outcome being a return to America’s heyday because of “Q”. What if Q is the pied piper?

Pendulum swings are nothing new for America. But like a boat rocks to and fro on the river, the river is still carrying the boat to it’s ultimate destination. It has to get there eventually.

Younger folks who only recently got on the boat, can be forgiven for wanting to ponder a long journey into an exciting future, as every formerly young person can attest.

A baby doesn’t like leaving the warm quiet womb either. But he has to if he’s going to be born and start learning and growing into all he is meant to be

It is only natural to feel some sadness when you leave the only home you’ve ever known, for some other place you’ve never been.

Most watchmen I know, are tired. We are pilgrums at the bow, tapping our feet, leaning in and eager for that first sight of our “new home”. Most deal with some sort of affliction, deficits of the body, depression or other troubles that placed them on the sidelines, and probably made them feel, at times, they were being cheated.  I know I have. Ultimately, though, we recognize the necessity, and the blessings, yet here in this late hour, new burdens seem to pile on. The devil likes to always keep us dreading. Just when we think the end is nearly close enough to reach out and touch, you wake up and face another day and still on terra firma.

That’s ok, though,  because the weaker the flesh, the stronger The Spirit in us and that’s who needs to be in charge.








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