Immigration will redistribute 26 seats from red to blue.

What was it I said yesterday? Dems will not fail again?

This is what Dems did to win VA. Redistricting.

Think about this. They have the West Coast in the bag. And 2/3 of the East coast. VA was just the next conquest.

Can God use what Satan meant for evil, and accomplish good thereby? Yes, we’ve had what feels like a reprieve, but….

Did those Deep Underground bunkers, coffin liners, massive orders of guns, ammo,food, water medicines, seeds, coffin liners, and camps of the Obama era just disappear? Or did the action merely move to a different sound stage for the next act?

Are the deep underground bunkers as big as lets say, a military base? Where enemy combatants, disguised as refugees, and using a real humanitarian crisis as their cover to enter the US could now be training in those underground bases? Are they big enough for a hospital? All those antibiotics and meds the Obama government bought? All those gas masks? Are the bunkers all connected by a massive network of tunnels like the highways above them? Many of such tunnels, it is now known, were conveniently already in use in global human trafficking and smuggling in drug trade?

How about those sinkholes that were popping up everywhere during the Obama period? Hearing about any new ones since Trump took office? That was just fracking, right? That has stopped now that we are oil and gas independent?

Dem voters are abandoning the sinking Dem ship. The walkaway movement. Blexit, (black exit), Jexit( Jewish exit). The Peid Piper is drawing them all.

Career politicians who enriched themselves selling out America, are suddenly willing to make complete fools of themselves with the biggest hoax in American history.

I think of the angry Viet Nam veterans, who were spat upon, and denied even in their senior years of the veteran benefits they were promised. I think of the bikers, many of whom served, and live by their own code. I think of the blacks who are starting to understand how they have been used by the progressives, and abandoned now for a new “victim class”. I think of the immigrants who are being used now.

People are angry. Northam, Warner, Kaine, have marching orders. The elitists took the temperature of the heartland with Bundy ranch, and found their fighting spirit was still strong. Not ready yet, a lot of self reliance left to be broken down. They got a running start in VA with Tim Kaine. Let’s see just how “Southern” VA still is. A bit of district tweaking, a boatload of Bloomberg money, time for another test. They say “every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings”. Well in this neck of the woods, every time a progressive Democrat wins citizens get their guns. The second Amendment was codified for this very purpose.  Norfolk senator Jay Jones penned an official letter to VA AG Mark Herring expressing his concern of sparking a 2nd Civil war with all this gun confiscation talk:

Click link in tweet to read letter.

Go Here to read Herrings smirking response

He also insinuated in one radio show, Virginians for Gun Rights are a joke that goes beyond the “extremity” of the NRA. Well, both groups will be at the Capitol in Richmond on the Jan 20th Lobby Day. I guess we will see how serious they are. They have put out an all call, organized caravans, some people are flying in. They will downplay the numbers. Local news gets the same script everyone else does.

The ones who were running things during Obama, they didn’t disappear. Many went figuratively underground where they can get stuff done outside of the public eye. They don’t plan to be set back.

Career politicians have enriched themselves, selling out America, especially to China. They don’t plan to go to jail. They don’t plan to let Roe V Wade be overturned. 

The world was on the brink, and one man, The Donald Trump, just one man, has beat those nasty elites at their own game, and is still alive to take us into 2020 and beyond? 

Strong Delusion perhaps?

Is Donald Trump stabilizing the markets, avoiding war, making the world a safer place?

Like a superhero.

Ever notice how the good guys rarely win any longer in movies? 

I sincerely ask for your prayers for VA. Herring, Northam, those guys are either ignorant, (no way!) or delusional, OR, know exactly what they are going to cause.  I feel in my spirit as well as my gut, this is not going to turn out well for some people. The only question is, how many. The numbers of declared sanctuary counties and cities are higher than they are reporting. Some sheriffs have pledged to deputize as many citizens as necessary. Police, they respond to even a domestic dispute knowing those pose the most danger to them in their job than almost anything. I can’t see many if them, or of National Guard taking that personal risk. Virginia is very diverse. But groups are pocketed in certain areas too. If Herring really believes the ” majority” support gun registration and red flag laws, I am afraid he has miscalculated.

Redistricting is just another little puzzle piece. But has been under the radar. Why do you think the left raised such a stink about the citizenship question?. If progress can’t be made on a national scale, they drop back and focus effort on key localities. That’s what this gun law push is really about in VA.


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