The swamp is deeper, and wider than most people even realize, and not limited to America.

The corrupt in every government seems to have been given some sort of signal. The battle lines seem to be delineating in a way similar to the conditions in the fictional Hunger-Games books, where the few have now amassed so much control, and the majority are almost entirely at their mercy. And the elites are blatently insane in how they act, look, and behave, treating other humans in inhumane ways for sport, much like Rome did “back in the day” when they were feeding the peasants to lions.

Even knowing what scripture has warned about seekers of pleasure and refusal to hear sound doctrine, I still have trouble comprehending the numbers of people who remain utterly and willfully uninformed and unaware of what is happening in the world, and that they just want to “enjoy life” and experience pleasure. They have to literally suspend belief to accomplish that.

I know some who are doing exactly that. It’s not good, but I can vouch that knowing is not for the faint of heart. The spiritual battle is getting intense. I ask for your prayers that God will give me fullness of the Holy spirit to enable me to remain vigilant and to persevere in this work. Small as it may be, it is part of the watchman warning system God has provided for such a time as this. Sooner or later, it will become personal to everybody. Like the floods that devastate one town, and tornadoes that cripple wide swaths of the plains, it hits home for everyone eventually. I know how it ends, but I also know God warned about the perilous times that are here now. Someone, somewhere has opened a door and invited a contingent of still-restrained evil “reinforcements” into our realm. Figuratively, they are digging the trenches, staking out posts, and surveilling the opposition. I didn’t want to believe that at first. I have avoided putting any kind of spotlight on that, though there are men and women whom I know to be Godly servants of the Lord who are testifying they are encountering things, present manifestations of the demonic. Not just troubles and sickness and depression.

Be careful what you allow into your home. Not just the music, television shows, and books but also gossip, evil speaking, people under the influence, and what people you associate with. I have found twice in recent years, people I encountered, seemed to hit it off with, began to develop acquaintance and some degree of friendship with, but the association turned out to bring about a spiritual ambush. It may not even be intentional on the part of the person, and most of us don’t like to feel ill will toward anybody, but you need to know there may be times you need to break away from someone. A drowning victim can drown the person who is trying to rescue them, and the first thing taught in lifeguard training, is how to break away from a panicked drowning victim.

If you find yourself suddenly in a conflict or even just a nagging doubt when someone you recently started being around, (at church, work, school, volunteer, civic function etc), says something that leaves you puzzled and questioning “what did he mean by that” and it seems to insinuate something unspoken, it is so incongruent and sudden, that it puts you on eggshells. That’s a warning sign. OR someone seems to have misunderstood and taken offense at something you said that you may have even meant as a compliment, yet they react angrily as if you attacked them. Those are warning signs. Don’t engage. Though you may feel unfairly accused, I warn you that bizarro sense of perplexity and confusion is a mark of demonic harassment. It has also happened in close relationships. Just like leaders who are fomenting division in nations, demons are baiting people into anger by somehow distorting the message as it moves from mouth to ear.

I can’t speak to the experiences of others. But I can share my own. The enemy has a whole “bag” of techniques for different types of people, and maybe someone out there shares the same areas of vulnerability. If you are a person of complex emotion, who is conscientious in your relationships, the enemy will strike there.

If someone you don’t know all that well, gives you something or you find something while out on a walk, or browsing in a junk shop, even, keep in mind that for the occult world, amulets, tokens, and all sorts of everyday objects can be used to introduce a stronghold, to attempt to curse you in some way. I don’t care if it is worth hundreds or thousands. Destroy it. Throw it in the river. Burn it or melt it down if you have to.

I have never subscribed to the notion of there being a demon under every rock, nor the business of foolish people who think they have power to “rebuke ” anything they don’t like. This is not that. While wolves have taught churchgoers that their verbal rebuke ” in Jesus name” is some kind of magic wand, true spiritual warfare has become for most of Christendom, as forgotten as the feasts and sacrifices did during the wilderness wandering.

I am just writing what the Lord puts on my heart. There is a lot going on in an unseen realm all around us that is at work bringing things about in this dimension. At the rapture, that thin veil or wall that has kept that pure evil on the other side of it, will dissolve like the walls of water that held back the Red sea. Cataclysm will fall in an instant. We are all tired. But we’re not home yet. So we gotta keep pressing on. You and I need to accept it will be hard for a while. His strength is made perfect (complete) in our weakness. If our frail selves and faint hearts are all we have, it will be enough, as long as we surrender it to Him.

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