Been thinking about Jack Hibb’s report I posted yesterday


If what Jack Hibbs reported yesterday is true, then not all of Q anon related info is wrong.  I am wondering in light of the speed of the Iran developments, if Q info is correct and the ones who brought the Gematria into it are an offshoot or fringe element.

Again, my understanding is that military intel are feeding true news into the Q pipeline as a means to circumvent the mainstream media that is all scripts, (and lies) all the time. There is no question Trump Tweets and the Q messages are coordinated by time stamp. So it is either coming from Trump, or someone other than Trump is using the Trump Twitter account.

I have encountered no professing Christian who cover Q that also indicate belief in the nearness of the rapture, and no Youtubers/bloggers etc who believe in the nearness of the rapture who also cover the Q-Anon phenomenon. Yet I feel the Lord compelled me to look into it. I suppose anyone could pose as an Anon and toss in claims meant to throw those interested in the truth, off track.

Anyway, I am only looking to Q to gage what is happening in USA, we know we have to look to Israel and the Middle East for the indications of where we are on the prophetic timeline.

  1. Be alert, folks. Gonna get bumpy for a little while. Hidden terror cells in USA are a real thing, and they are angry. Mexican gangs, foreign soldiers, UN troops rogue and corrupt legislators and governors together could present a formidable foe,  if coordinated by a “community organizer” with Bloomberg and Soros $$$. Schumer or Pelosi could open the gates and let the Iranian army in, if the way they are mourning the dead terrorists as if they were saints is any indication.




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