Satan has prophecy too

Saw a video this week about a “roleplay” card game, that is essentially tarot cards. Many of these have had images on them that predict things, like 9-11. The thing is, they are made and marketed years before the event.

In 1994, the game deck I learned about this week, was printed. It is called Illuminaughty.

There is a card that points to alien disclosure, and the Space Force.

A card depicts the death of Queen Elizabeth, and ascension to the throne of Prince Charles. Well, the 90 yr old queen has had a lot of stress lately, with one son embroiled in the Epstein pedophile scandal, and prince Phillip near death, and Prince Harry and duchess Megan just having announced they are resigning from royal life.

One card depicts an economic event with the London stock exchange. Well, Brexit did just pass, and Boris Johnson  said there will be no more delay in making the exit.

Trump is becoming a world idol. The people of Iran, the citizens in Hong Kong, The Jews in Israel. He is flipping voters from blue to red in every demographic. The Iranian citizens are weary, and are telling the Ayatollah they don’t want Jerusalem ” liberated” and chanting “death to the dictator”.

Trump announced this week he now intends to roll out his peace plan likely before the 3rd Israeli election in March.

There is a card that shows Obama and Hillary “reorganizing” something behind the scenes.

A card depicts Pence as an imposter, another features Reagan and his famous quote about an “off world threat that could unite the people”.

One depicts “combined disasters”.

A “citizenship award system” ( Social Credit Score?) and more that depict things from the past 11 years or so.

Trump’s uncle John Trump received Tesla’s notes to review when Tesla died. He was to analyze them and see if any significant research was there. The story is, he lied and told the FBI there wasn’t, but kept the notes himself, and eventually they were given to Donald Trump. Some people think Trump has access to time travel (which is the intent if CERN, as well as interdimensional travel) because he and “Q” sent messages to the Anons, about things to watch for, and dates, that came to pass on those exact dates, a year after the warnings were given. Things like John McCain’s death.

That is why I think the strong delusion is already in play.

In 1890, Ingersoll Rand write a book series, chronicling the adventures of his character “young Baron Trump and his dog Bulger” in which they discovered enchanted underground world where they meet fantastic beings. Young Trump is an aristocrat who lives in Trump Castle. He travels to Russia, which is where he discovers this underground world, finds himself lost, and struggles to get back home.

So the idea is that Trump ( depicted by use of his son’s name) traveled to the future and saw HR Clinton and Russua destroy America, then comes back and changes the destiny if America by beating Hillary in the election.

Tesla claimed there was a way to harness endless energy of the sun.

Einstein worked with Tesla on a project where they supposedly made a ship disappear from a Philadelphia harbor, and turn up in Norfolk Harbor hours later.

Trump supposedly plays 4 dimensional chess so well that he earned the nickname ” the time traveler.”

The internet is finishing the programming of humanity that TV started. Consider the Mandela effect. How about the blue/gold silver/white dress thing, where 2 people looking at the same image, saw the dress in totally different colors.

It is all mind-manipulation. 24/7

Walk circumspect, redeeming the time, for your days are few.

Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!