I don’t like how the math is adding up

Good morning folks. It’s Friday! The atmosphere in VA is heavy. My heart is heavy.

I don’t try to cover and analyze everything going on, because who can? More and more , I have to trust God to put in front of me, what I need to know. This is what I know this morning.

With the exception of 2 small pockets of VA, every other county and city has spoken and stated they intend to uphold the Constitution and abide by the 2nd Amendment rights. No local or state law trumps the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our Governor Blackface Northam (one of his his yearbook photos shows him in blackface makeup) is a liar, who is willing to let a newly delivered baby be “taken care of” while the doctor and mom discuss whether or not she still wants to kill said baby. He has purposely created a powder keg in Richmond for Monday’s Lobby Day. Our Capitol Building has always allowed open carry and licensed concealed carry. But he banned it ahead of this event. Which, by the way, happens every single year. He has threatened confiscation and National Guard and police enforcement, and there are credible reports that his team discussed cutting power and phone and internet for areas when/where confiscation commences. Yesterday, he extended the gun ban to all the capitol grounds. He claimed yesterday, that he had intel indicating plans for “White Supremacist  militia activity impending”.  They even posted a mugshot on the news claiming to have arrested one of the leaders of the group. He is purposely making comparison to the Charlottesville event. This is just law abiding citizens with valid concerns of infringement, addressing their legislators, but he is painting images of anarchy.

Multiple thousands of patriots plan to show up at this event from many states, and this gradual trickle of new declarations is clearly calculated to incite and increase anger, in hopes of that just one nutcase will fire the first shot so they can swoop in and capture the carnage and plaster it 24/7 across the propaganda network media, as “proof” of their cause. I have said all along, this is not about VA and it is not about guns. Just control. Period. So now Gov Blackface has officially declared a state of emergency, thinking that will give him the authority to arrest a bunch of folks, disarm people, etc. The problem is, his plan violates both the U S constitution and VA Constitution. So, just to recap, he is trying to enact illegal legislation and implement a manufactured state of emergency so he can create more illegal powers, all to the end of fulfilling the will of his benefactor Mike Bloomberg. Folks, is there anything remotely familiar here?

The Democrats created a fake dossier on Trump, using a fake whistleblower, leaked the Dossier to media, used the news articles created on the basis of the dossier, to corroborate the dossier…..the degree of deception boggles the mind. But these are the days in which we live.

Is it a coincidence, that just as this is all being set up in Richmond VA, a mere 2.5 hours North, in Washington DC, Nancy Pelosi, Pencil-neck Adam Schiffless and the crew ceremoniously marched in formation, 2 by 2 with gold bullet-shaped pens on a literal silver platter along with their sacred grail articles of impeachment over to their prearranged press event to finally perform the official signing of the articles and hand over to the Senate? How many times did you gag?

Last week there were “mysterious surveillance drones” flying in groups, over a couple of Midwestern states throughout the night. And a couple of days ago, busloads of legislators arrived at a military base in the same area, for a military briefing of some sort.

Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, is 3rd in line for the Presidency. Think!! About! It!

Pelosi, Biden, Nadler, Feinstein, Schiff, all have huge business interests in China. China hates America.

Mike Bloomberg poured multiple millions into VA specifically with intent to implement gun control. What does a New York big wig want with VA?

Well, he hates Trump, and is a 2020 candidate.

Our God is watching it all. These folks are so blinded by their egos, they’ve lost the plot.

They have made their plans. But it’s not going to go the way they obviously think.

Do you know Northam won’t even be there Monday? Do you think the legislature will show up to hear from the gun lobby? By the way, the Va Assoc for Gun Rights has already filed an injunction over this illegal “state of emergency” but some VA gun rights folks are reporting Northam intends to have roadblocks and allowing only 2 routes into the downtown area.

Well, whether the VA Gun Lobby day  event and commencing of impeachment are coordinated in some larger scale event or not, we will see.

No matter how you parse it, this is a very dangerous set of circumstances. I am praying the truth is exposed, and righteousness prevails, with no loss of life. Yes, the potential is very high, in my opinion.

But globalism will arise one way or other, and as long as America is still America, that can’t happen. Forget Iran, Satan wants America, because Satan wants Israel. We are in his way. We, Christians in America, and around the world, we have God’s ear. We can take our appeal to Him.

Despite my interest in the gun laws, (Jesus Himself said there are times it is appropriate to “sell your cloak and buy a sword”), this battle is not ultimately with Northam and his crew, nor Pelosi and hers, or globalism itself. It is spiritual. However, the spirit world does it’s work through flesh. We know which team is backing the wrongdoers. But only those who understand both the Constitution and the Scriptures, have any real ability to influence a positive outcome in these developments. If God’s people humbly pray, we can avoid another mass casualty event in VA.

If the Gun laws pass, (ours and the many being pushed in other states right now)and they stand, (there will be court challenges) we will know the agenda of globalists is entering its final stages of implementation. Because without the ability to defend ourselves, there is nothing else to stop their agenda. That is why the rest of the world is so invested. There are press teams from other countries coming on Monday. One is from Germany.

You think what happened in Germany to Jews as well as other minorities, can’t happen to conservatives, Trump supporters, Christians here? That would be a very foolish conclusion,  an egregious failure to be informed. A woeful and tragic choice of blissful ignorance might make life more “fun”, but life has a way of introducing reality in the harshest and  rudest of ways, and if tragedy is averted, it will only be by God’s grace, and because of those who chose to know the harsh truth, and prayed and fought against it. But there will still be many who will never even know how near this evil was to them. Well, ask a veteran. It’s all fine and properly ” patriotic” to thank them for their service, for the legs and eyes and arms and fingers they “sacrificed”, the daddies that didn’t come home. How about standing up for the ideals they sacrificed it all for? I gaurantee you those vets in wheelchairs will be there Monday.

It has been a sad week. I hope next week won’t be sadder still.





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  1. Amen! Thank you for speaking the truth! We must stand firm against the new world order agenda and we must fight for our freedom, our rights, and our sovereignty! I am here in Colorado and we are with you all! If they want our guns, they are going to have to start a Civil War first and that is a War they cannot win, and they know it. Bloomberg has tried his gun confiscation schemes here in Colorado too and the Sheriffs said no way. I have two words for Bloomberg, Northam, and all the other gun grabbing liberals: Molon Labe! God bless you!


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