VA Supreme Court has upheld Northam’s unconstitutional temporary gun ban

GoA and VCDL sought an injunction against the temporary gun ban put in place by Northam for the Lobby Day Rally, and the VA supreme court, contrary to the State Constitution and the US Constitution, upheld the ban for the entire Capitol Grounds for Monday’s event in favor of Northam. Guess some of that Bloomberg cash made it’s way to the courts too. It isn’t even a law. Laws have to go through the process. It is an edict.

Many anti-gunners have canceled their counter protest plans in fear. The pro 2A supporters will be there, along with the State, local, and Capitol police. In riot gear. This lobby day has taken place in perfect peace for 20+ years. It is not the Constitutionalists who turned this into a freak show. These “elected” officials are certifiably crazy. I think the West Virginia invitation is sounding better all the time. NORTHERN VA and Chesapeake would be all that is left. How many  representatives would that leave VA with in the US congress? Let the lawsuits commence. 2020 is going to be a bumpy ride.

2 thoughts on “VA Supreme Court has upheld Northam’s unconstitutional temporary gun ban

  1. Amen! I wrote a little bit about what’s going on in Virginia in my post today titled, “Strong Disagreements and Parting Ways.” I agree with you! It’s the liberals causing the trouble! God bless!


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