Do you detect an acceleration, or is it just me?

As the Brexit went through, as the impeachment stunt enters final stages with the pro Trump votes prevailing by a razor thin margin and as the state governments are passing unconstitutional laws (not to mention immoral) despite the will of the voters, and a peace plan that will pave the way for the peace covenant has been presented, it sure seems to be picking up speed, doesn’t it?

As you know, I keep an eye on the Q developments, and mentioned before, that the codes and hints have been given as much as 2 years back, for things that didn’t come to pass until now. Even things like the death of McCain and Bush Senior.

So how can that be? The messages involve using a cypher. Gematria. Ancient mysticism. It has to be divination. Every unsaved person has some familiar spirits. Well, every one that made a deal with the devil at least. So the antichrist spirit is in them, and the spying familiar spirits report back. Occult runs very deep in the deep state. Now, the Clintons have been exposed

EXCLUSIVE: FEDS Leak Explosive Details of Players in Massive Clinton Global Heist; Biden’s Implicated in “Organized crime at the highest level”


Patriot sites and Q had been saying for over a year it was going to happen. But the Clinton body count of those who betray them is notorious, so I never thought we would see the day when they were called to account (in this realm anyway).

As the pope rapidly builds the global religious system by which the antichrist will position himself to rule, the number of active volcanoes and earthquakes continue to mount, and the some  Middle East regions experience century old record low temperatures., it sure feels like mounting chaos to me! They will have that universal surveillance system all coordinated when they finish rolling out 5g. You know how Revelation talks about grievous sores the people will suffer? 5G. Proven to cause tumors and all sorts of health hazards.

The Corona virus; do you think maybe the mad cow, the SARS, bird flu, (all threats of pandemic proportions) were enough false alarms ( each one just disappeared, didn’t they?) to cause people to dismiss this one, therefore enabling it to actually become worldwide?

Do you expect we will prevail over the censorship? Who owns the tech companies? who owns the television broadcasters?

What was Bibi’s very next stop after the Trump peace plan rollout?

Are you sick of the ludicrous games your “representatives” have been playing? Because even though Trump will be acquitted in the Senate, the house will not and cannot stop. Their ill-gotten fortunes are at stake.

If the track record of “Q predictions holds” you are going to start seeing some of the bad guys be indicted and tried in Military Tribunals (thus circumventing the obstruction tactics of the legislature). But keep in mind, Trump has appointed over 200 conservative judges.

This battle of good vs evil, preservers of the old order vs proponents of the new order,  is going to remain a tug of war right up to the catching up of the bride of Christ. Being salt and light is applicable in every arena. Politics included, even knowing how it will eventually go, we fight the “good fight” even in the arena of government and judicial power, because government was ordained by God.

This peace deal is not the final one. It just does not fit the criteria, but the arab nations that do agree with it are a new and significant development! Most people around the world as a whole are really weary of war. There are always those who accumulate power by that means, but the citizens rarely if ever benefit. But they have started to realize the citizenry outnumbers those in power by far, and are taking the outlook of those folks who plotted to storm area 51: ” The can’t kill us all!”

Speaking of which,

Screengrab from the above article

The chess game pieces are running low, and there are only so many moves ’til “game over”!

Rudi Giuliani’s youtube presentations that I have shared in recent days, is a very good indication of what the leaders, big business, tech, and Hollywood have all been up to. Human trafficking, bribes, mafia style murder, ” suicides that are impossible to do, of people who know too much and tell. I suspect the Epstein library of records and videos was a big part of getting to the root of the global crime syndicate. There are people who exposed this stuff all along the history of civilization. But what is coming to light now, despite the fact that the investigations were well under way during the Obama administration, ( he didn’t implement them, he is one of the “most wanted” though  only a bit player in the global scheme) these things are coming to light for one reason alone. Almighty God is a just God. He always warns before he administers His Divine judgment. He makes clear, and very public examples of those who have been given authority over others and step outside the scope of their intended purpose and powers. Remember when Moses’ sister Miriam mouthed off about the ability Moses had, to speak and hear directly from the Lord? God struck her with leprosy, and made the whole nation wait while she was exiled outside the camp, before healing her and allowing her to be cleansed so that they could commence those final miles to where they would literally be able to look upon the land God was giving them.  First they whined of thirst, then of hunger, then when they got manna, they complained there was no variety and spice and no meat. God was getting pretty fed up by then already, and told Moses He would fills them with so much meat it was going to be running out of their noses. And they woke up surrounded as far as they could walk, in quail the depth of 2 cubits, ( roughly 22-26″). They ate nothing but quail for a month.

We are very fortunate to live in the age of God’s grace.

Nothing that is done under cover of darkness in the shadows, will stay hid, and all indications are that the corrupt ones in high positions here in the US, work in tandem with other Western countries, and do business with corrupt banks through corrupt NGO’s and corrupt “nonprofits”, with the corrupt despots and dictators of the world. Don’t tell me there are no castes in our society anymore. Entire nations are subverted, and the worst, as we know, is still to come. It is going to get even more intense and more big troubling things are going to occur, closer and closer together. We still consider it a ” busy news week” if the world sees a major tsunami and a mass shooting somewhere on the planet in one election year week. Mostly the purpose of the 24 hour news cycle is to never let you forget that even if it is peaceful in your little corner today, your day of disaster is surely coming. I know a lot of people have figured out the Fox is as sold out as all the rest now, but not enough have figured it out. They won the bid for Superbowl, and there was a pro life ad that was submitted, which featured close up clips of abortion survivers saying things like ” look me in the eye and tell me I don’t deserve to live.” The powers-that-be decided to slow walk it through the process until all the time spots were filled, and when the producers requested to go on the alternate list, they were again pushed to the back of the line. But there will be a hummus commercial featuring two transvestites! Face it, this world is a wash. God is about done with the grace period. At some point, that last person ( very likely in the Middle East) will be born again, and a new age will begin. Tragically, it is not the one the “NewAge” proponents are expecting.

I was marveling this morning at the amount of blood that had to be shed in order to sanctify the tabernacle in the Numbers account. I suppose only slaughterhouse workers could even visualize that, and it will be much greater at Meggido. What exactly is the height of a horses bridle anyway?

Maranatha, even so!

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