The wickedness of human depravity

I don’t know what it is about police and crime documentaries that draw my interest. I think on some level, I want to believe that it is like keeping an eye on a dangerous animal so it can’t sneak up and attack you. I read on Breitbart this morning, of a West Virginia man who was sentenced to 775 years in prison for video-recording his sexual abuse of an infant, his own grandchild. Don’t tell me “people are basically good”. That is what we’d like to believe, because to believe that degree of evil is common, is too disconcerting. The thing is, history has proven that entire nations can embrace that degree of evil. It all starts with rejecting the fact that humans are more than just another species of animal-kind, but rather beings created in the image of God.

Few people think they themselves to be capable of such evil as the monster who did this to his own grandchild. But love of sin leads to literal madness.

God gave us all a conscience. Some people have their consciences destroyed while very young, by the very people who are supposed to protect and nurture them. I believe that in some cases, a family line can be so devoted to evil that children born into the family might be effected spiritually in much the same way as drug-addicted babies born to addict moms. Those babies are born at disadvantage and may never catch up to peers in size, strength, or mental capacity. If they do, it will require much work and support.

I look around and find it very hard to fathom the ability of some to be so carefree and unfazed in light of the suffering that goes on in this world, and the lawlessness of most of those in power. I think of a woman in Venezuela, one of wealth who has not been effected by the collapse of society, when asked if it bothers her at all to see the plunge into poverty that most of the citizens have experienced. She said, essentially “no, what good is it for me to be sad? It should give them hope to see not everyone is destitute”. Very much a “let them eat cake” response. Jesus did say, the poor will always be among us, but that was just a statement of fact. It did not mean we should not mind.

The Old Testament is full of accounts of the rebellion of man against God. The practices of the pagans were vile abominations against God’s holiness, and when God’s people were walking obedient, God many times commanded and enabled them to utterly destroy the evildoers. Other times, though, God’s own people took up the evil of the surrounding pagan culture.

In the world we wake up to daily in 2020, it is sobering to realize the depth of wickedness that exists. The same stuff that in a different dispensation, God would obliterate whole nations for, He is restraining from destroying now. I cannot imagine the wrath having been stored up these last couple thousand years, when it is finally unleashed. It makes me shudder. The tweet I read yesterday, dripping with disdain and loathing for Mike Pence praying with a group of staff members. Christians, they hate Christ, and they hate us. I am not sure we can help a sense of dread over what that might mean for us the longer the Lord holds off His return, but I fear God much more than I fear the fools defying Him.

This is a sober time. I don’t begrudge anyone happiness, but I don’t think it honors God for us to be “carefree and happy” by willfully ignoring the evil rising like a tsunami around us. How is that appropriate for God’s people? I just don’t understand. The joy if the Lord is in seeing the evil for what it is, not pretending it’s not there, while knowing He has overcome this world, and doing what we can to move the people around us, toward truth, and Christ. Satan throws our sins and failures in our face, hoping to deter us from that purpose, and efforts to distract us don’t always come in the most obvious form. Persecution can be any form of opposition, from petty conflict to some snafu with a bank transaction, to persistently obnoxious neighbors, or a nit-picking boss. Anything that stirs your flesh with irritation, agitation, oppression or discouragement.

It is a battle. Keeping perspective and trusting God is an ongoing challenge.

Pray for each other. We need it. Prayer impedes the efforts of the enemy, and prayer is not as easy as it may seem.

God deserves our praise, but even more, we need to remind ourselves of His holiness, power, and authority. We need to remind ourselves Satan is a defeated foe, who though he will accuse, has no standing to accuse us, as we are covered in the robe of the righteousness of Christ, purchased by His blood.

Lord we praise You, we thank You for your mercy, we thank You for salvation. We pray and long for Your will and Your Kingdom on Earth as in heaven. We pray for salvation of the lost, and for the peace of Jerusalem when the Jews recognize their Messiah, whom they pierced, and mourn for Him as one mourns for an only son.

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still, and he that is filthy let him be filthy still, and he that is righteous let him be righteous still, and he that is holy be holy still. He that testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen, even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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