Panic over Corona

I am posting this because this is one of the prophecy preachers who generally has good information, but I believe the WHO and CDC and NIH, etc, are making a huge deal out of something that is not as huge as they are letting on. First off, this is not a virus that ” did not exist 2 months ago”. If it is Covid-19, there were Covid 1-18. I believe it is a bioweapon, not sure who is really responsible for it, but it is an election year here in the USA, and the globalists want to prune back some of the populace and  create chaos. God is allowing it, so He has His reasons and purpose in it as well. Trust in God. Do not fear. Take precautions for elderly, and anyone with serious health issues, especially respiratory, for their sake, and forget hand sanitizer. It is not even as good at killing germs and viruses as plain soap and water.  Wash your hands for the length of time it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song. Wash often. Lysol spray and bleach wipes, and Lysol laundry additive without bleach, can’t hurt, but more importantly, for a strong immune system, take extra vitamin C each day (it is water soluble, so your body will excrete any excess above what it needs, via urinary output). Also, really important, stay hydrated. Drop the colas and sugary stuff, and drink water instead, and invest in a humidifier if your heater or air conditioning is forced air, or you sleep under a ceiling fan. Dry mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, and mouth, are much less effective at trapping and filtering out viruses and irritants, than moist ones, and will increase your risk. If you get signs of a respiratory infection, a cold should go away in 3-5 days. If it doesb’t, it could be something more serious, but if you are otherwise healthy, your body can fight Corona, however, you can infect others, so it is not a time to tough it out and go to work, or to go visit the nursing home. Elderberry supplement or syrup helps the immune system, and you can get it on Amazon and probably Walmart. And here is a trick the old timers used. A cut-in-half onion, just sitting out in a room, will trap and remove/kill microbes and viruses. I have read studies on it in recent years confirming that it does indeed work. Garlic, in food, or as supplements, is known to help the  immune system.

Don’t store the family toothbrushes together in a convenient cup. Don’t touch the toothpaste tube itself to the brush. Throw yours away after you have been sick, and replace it with a new one, dip it into a cup of peroxide a couple of minutes then rinse.

Fist bump greetings are better than palm to palm, but still is contact, and Corona is airborne anyway.

The death toll is lower than the deaths by yearly flu, and less than the SARS, Ebola and others. That is why I believe this is about something other than a true global catastrophic health risk. As Christians, when others around us are afraid, we can use that as an opportunity to tell them what scripture says about this time we are living in, and give them the gospel. Prayer is a given. I am praying that calm prevails, and for the health and safety of our leaders, and all healthcare workers as well as those whose jobs are being effected by this. Our redemption is nearer than ever before. No fear.

3 thoughts on “Panic over Corona

  1. Sandra, thank you for this very nice write up about the Coronavirus. God is in control we shall not fear. Bless you and your family.


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