Where is this headed?

  • What happens to an economy when 60% or more of the global workforce is told to stay home?
  • What happens to the supply chain when trucks begin to bottleneck and clog the freeways because essentials like foods, medicine, lifesaving medical equipment, and temporary shelter have to move across the country in a national emergency?
  • What happens to dollars and coins when the world is experiencing a pandemic from a virus that can survive on surfaces 10-20 days?
  • What happens when the deaths surpass the manpower and services for proper burials?
  • What happens when a majority of the populace is fearful, hungry with no access to food, or when critical medications become unavailable?
  • What happens when people are desperately searching for answers online, shopping online, working from home and doing school online and then the internet suddenly goes down? How many utilities function digitally these days?

Might people take to the streets, rioting, looting, taking from the weak and vulnerable?

Might military be deployed on a massive domestic scale to keep order?

Might people demand the government to “do something”?

Might people be willing to switch over to a cashless system, if it means not starving to death?

Might people be eager for someone who can solve the crisis, and restore order to the world that has clearly gone crazy?

This pandemic virus event has changed our world, and more changes are coming. Changes take time. But in coming months and years the world can realistically expect

  • More deaths
  • Mandatory testing and vaccines
  • FEMA camp type detention center relocation starting with the homeless (already about to commense in California)
  • Restricted movement
  • More quarintines
  • Authorization documents to travel domestically or in your own city or state
  • Bribes to obtain those documents
  • Gun confiscation
  • Nullification of the Constitution
  • Armed and in-uniform soldiers patrolling the streets, including U.N.
  • Globalization of economy and digital currency
  • One world religion that melds all faiths together to appeal to any ” higher power” but the God of Abraham to deliver the people from the chaos
  • Global government
  • Social medicine

But that is just the beginning. Those who think the tribulation has started, are in for a great shock.

Will there be a U.S. election in September?

Constitutionally the president has no authority, even in an emergency or state of war, to do so on his own. Congress would have to decide. Yet Obama did a lot of unconstitutional things when he was president, as have others, regardless whether a “D” or an “R” follows their name. Foolishly, many who feared Obama would remain beyond 8 years, are cheering the speculation that Trump might do it. The woke are not as woke as they think they are. All that yoga and New Age meditation, and opening of their “third eye” has put many into an altered state of consciousness commonly referred to as delusion. This post is not for them. They have already made their choice of who their god is.

Do you know Donald Trump was educated in Jesuit schools?

Donald Trump’s Jesuit Education

Do you know the U.S. Department of Defense just asked Congress to give them power to detain citizens indefinitely without a trial if the courts can’t function like in the current conditions ?


This is the proverbial “it” that has been hanging over us. Operation New World Order is officially a go. This isn’t a drill. It probably won’t all happen overnight, but who knows, nobody could have imagined a worldwide state of emergency 2 months ago.

Even if we regain some semblance of order, it will be a new normal, that will be followed by more shakeups, and more new normal’s.

Whether Trump is complicit, or really has been doing his level best to avoid this is irrelevant now. God Himself has decided that He has been patient long enough, and is going to allow mankind to suffer the outcome of their own ideas and aspirations. If you have not bothered to look into the purpose of CERN, the occult nature of global event ceremonies like the Olympics, many of the things the television news likes to call ” conspiracy theory”, you have a little time left, but do it with your Bible open for comparison.

The world will be rid of us pesky Christians soon, nothing will be in the way of the “coexist” movement then. Those who believe that our absence will put an end to division and conflict, will discover a different outcome altogether. If you are reading this, and you are humble enough to see the truth, that the globalists are not atheists, they are well aware God exists, they just hate Him, and actually think they are going to thwart Him, listen, for you it is not to late too late to choose to stand on the side of God. He gave His Son to be the sacrifice of atonement so mankind could be redeemed and reconciled to peace unto Him, and to the life He intended for us. But it is a choice each individual must make. Call on Him for deliverance and salvation, because if you are alarmed and frightened now, you do not want to find out what this world will endure when the coming tribulation starts.

Lord bring revival to your church that we can be a light for others in this darkness for whatever time is left. God, give peace to Your own, fill Your people afresh with Your Spirit. As you gave Sampson his strength one more time, fill us that we might bring others with us when you catch us away, be it today, a month from now, or longer, let us remember that even in the valley of the shadow of death, we should fear no evil, and You will prepare for us a table in the presence of our enemies, You anoint our heads with oil, our cup will run over. No hunger, no thirst, no fear, and an anointing with the oil of the Holy Spirit for comfort, power and to give us the exact words we will need, exactly when we need them. May You be glorified and may we be faithful in the days ahead. In the name of our Lord, Savior, King, and Messiah Jesus, we ask it. Even so, come quickly. Amen.

Things are happening fast. If you have news that needs to be shared, questions, prayer requests, you can submit them here. Your message and e-mail address will not be visible to others.

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