In the Old Testament, God often allowed a ruthless pagan nation to persecute Israel as chastisement upon Jewish kingdoms, then destroyed the pagan nation who attacked and plundered His people.

The reason America is falling apart at the seams, and globalist actors in our own government are succeeding in holding us hostage, is because God is chastening America.

I watched some of the debate after the Dems crushed the current stimulus bill that was ready to be signed. I have watched plenty of them, but what I witnessed this time was a sad sinking ship. It really brought to mind the people on the Titanic who simply refused to believe she could be sunk, and kept right on doing whatever they were doing. I felt anger, frustration and sadness. The comments in the livestream were flying so fast I had to pause them to read any. All commenters seemed angry, incredulous, or resigned. One good thing about people being at home, and bored, more are getting this chance to watch them in action and see what a tragically laughable mess our government has fallen into while the populace thought only of food and entertainment (their bread and circuses).

The rot has really started to show. The globalists in Congress and the complicit media, are fanning the flames of panic as furiously as they possibly can. In the big cities, and the far-left dominant states, we’ve seen freedom being quashed with eagerness and glee at the first breath of a suggestion of the virus. Maybe that slowed the spread, but that is not why they did it. They are always taking the temperature of the populace, testing our rediness to obey, and how much they can get by with.

I hate to say this, but I think the month of March 2020 will go down in history as the day the demise of America began in ernest.

But we should not sorrow as others do, as one who has no hope. This is not our destination. It is ok to push back, and it can’t hurt to plead for Divine mercy, but humanity is now in a stage that is going to try the faith of many or most, and try the minds and fortitude of unbelievers. We are all interested in what those in power are up to, but a time will come, when the people will have no voice, no input, no vote in any of it. We can’t deny that lifelong legislators have truly come to believe they are kings and queens, not serving us, but viewing us as a parasitic drain on their resources.

Not all of them. There are a few decent men and women who haven’t forgotten they went to D.C. to serve, but those of “the squad” Maxine,the Democratic Socialists, also many mainstream newscasters, late night talk show hosts, Hollywood actors, you can practically see their demons manifest when they are forced to interact or speak to a Christian, a Trump supporter, a citizen of “flyover country” if you watch closely. I have heard a couple literally hiss. They loathe us. And the people who think they are getting free stuff because their representatives care about them, are fools. It’s like a bad spy movie where everyone is a double or triple agent. They all think in the end they will take home the prize, and not one intends to share.

The good ones in congress all leave after a few years in the interest of not losing their soul. Those in it for power and money, always vote themselves more power and money. They only “give away” enough to get your vote, but they aren’t giving you their money anyway, so no skin off their noses!

God might intend to let them put us through all of this as chastening and then destroy them. That would be both just, and merciful. Or God may be finished with America. I can hardly see how it is not the latter.

The dark depravity of this “deep state cabal” is beyond anything I have ever exposed here. But it may be time for readers of this blog to know, if you don’t already have an inkling, how truly depraved these people really are.

Only if you are on sure spiritual footing, are not psychologically frail, and not so tender of heart that witnessing other people’s pain effects you viscerally in unbearable ways, should you read further. You have been warned. If you are not already convinced God’s cup of wrath is ready to overflow, you will be.

I ask the Lord to guide my mind and hand, as I try to convey what I have learned these many months while I have not been writing much and was mostly sharing videos. It is a lot to process, and I had to determine for myself what is likely true and what is not, and whether or not it was even appropriate to address it on this blog.

Darkness cannot withstand light. Bringing these things into the light of day exposes them, and good people need to know what the “movers and shakers” have actually been up to, and what well-intentioned and brave people also have been doing to try and put a stop to it. I just wonder if there is enough moral outrage left in America that people in general will care. I remember my shock when people didn’t care if Bill Clinton was a rapist, as long as it didn’t effect his work. The societal rot has multiplied exponentially since then. It is nothing new, in overall history, but every nation that became infested this way has ultimately fallen.

So here is what people need to know about what is reportedly taking place.

At least as far back as 9-11, there has been a military Intelligence operation taking place, the purpose of which has been to

  1. dismantle what is referred to as the deep state pedophile cabal that involves politicians, the Vatican, Hollywood, and other super-wealthy elites, including royalty.
  2. Inform the citizenry of the truth about this cabal
  3. Inform enough of the populace that when arrests begin, it will not spark a civil war
  4. Enact temporary marshall law to replace civil government and address the perpetrators via Military Tribunal.

The Constitution does make provision for dealing with domestic enemies militarily. Anyone who has heard or recited the oath of enlistment knows that is part of the job description. However, the Q-believers seem to have as little reservation of marshall law under Trump, as those who hoped for it under Obama, the only difference being who they thought was going to be the target.

What Trump and Q are supposedly exposing is the global network of trafficking of women and children, even very young children. It is not merely a matter of pedophilia. And it is far from being run by only men. Many women are involved, as recruiters and handlers, famous people, whom every reader has heard of. It goes deep into occult, involves practices like those of the temple prostitutes of Dianna of ancient paganism, and other of those little-g gods of scripture.

It includes cannibalism, ritual abuse, sacrifice of young innocents, in return for power, fame, money, and influence. At the highest ( or would that be lowest?) levels, they outright worship Lucifer.

One aspect of it involves particularly a substance called adrenochrome. The adrenal gland facilitates fight or flight by excreting adrenachrome. It is what enables a desperate Dad to lift a car off his kid, or a woman to fight off a rapist. Look for the term in association with “fountain of youth” and “fear” and “torture” and “adrenal gland”, or you will only get info on the synthetic type. You can look it up, I won’t go too much into it except to tell you it is produced by the human body, is most potent in children, is made more potent if extracted under conditions of terror on the part of the unwilling human donor. The carrying out of this torture is often videotaped, and when a child victim is too sickly and broken, they are killed, thus the term “snuff film”. Used to be adult women, but sexual depravity is always progressive.

Adrenochrome supposedly keeps those who consume it from visibly aging, and losing strength and vitality. But mostly, I expect it is the demons that possess the individuals, who do that, in the way of Janis and Jambreez, the magicians who replicated Moses’ signs with his staff and turning water to blood.

The Corona Virus outbreak, according to the Q network, is supposedly aimed at bringing down Trump, since they couldn’t impeach him, couldn’t pin Russiagate or Ukrane on him. Some Q-followers are speculating that Trump and team intercepted (to a degree) the deep state Corona pandemic plan, and turned it back upon the deep state folks by putting Corona into the adrenochrome supply, (the synthetic version of which is made in Wuhan, by the way) and they believe further, that the chloroquin cure Trump is promoting interacts with some chemical alteration in the body of adrenochrome users, in such a way that if the adrenochrome user takes the chloroquin cure, it will actually kill them, thus proving who consumes adrenochrome. That begins to get pretty far fetched, as most things on the internet tend to do.

But mind you, not everyone who covers Q anon is legit. And not everyone who talks about it is necessarily intelligent. That doesn’t mean there is not a real operation taking place, better for them to fly under the radar if the fringe kooks seemingly delegitimize them.

Even those who do rationally and diligently analyze the q-posts and Trump’s tweets, are coming to their own best guess at times.

But enough “crumbs” seem to make their way out there from the intel sources close to Trump that the important stuff makes it to the people. Timing of q-posts and Trump tweets, and other little tricks do seem to confirm that it really is a hlghly coordinated operation.

This has a lot of people believing Trump and the military, along with cooperating counterparts in several other nations, are going to pull off this sting on a global scale, instate temporary marshall law, put the traitors of the obama era and the pedophile child traffickers (not two separate pools of people, actually) through tribunal, into Gitmo, confiscate their billions of ill-gotten gains under statutes already on the books, and use that money to pay off the national debt, and save the world economy.

I think it would not be unreasonable to think that this scenario has some part in the coming strong delusion.

I can comprehend the gist of it all, but am not sure how well I am managing to convey it. I’m like the kid born in America to Korean parents, who can understand Korean, but not speak it.

There is a good bit of evidence that lends itself to this operation being legit. There have been numerous stories of arrests, even in the Vatican, and hundreds of big time CEO’s have stepped down, and many other high-up positions in corporations, being let go. Disney, for one! Lower level participants in an illegal scheme, often get off with a slap on the wrist in exchange for ratting out the ones running things.

If I had to give my opinion today, I would say that the Q operation is a real legitimate effort on the part of some good people, acting in good faith, to put a stop to real crime, that may even be somewhat successful, but will not stop the eventual fulfillment of prophecy. If I’m wrong, then it is the biggest psy-op (psychological operation to create an appearance of one thing, while accomplishing some different thing) in American history. Well, that is, next to 9-11….. and Veitnam…..the Cuban Missile Crisis…….Operation Paper Clip……Operation High Jump…….M.K.Ultra….hey, if you don’t know anything about those either, may as well check into it while the world is shut down. Trump has been a reprieve, but I wouldn’t count on any last minute hail mary moves turning it all around.

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