Rising Leaven and fallen man

I was going to write an article on how Marxism has so thoroughly infiltrated the church, how there is an elitism there that echos that of the globalists, an Evangelical deep-state, as it were. I was going to delve into how it started covertly in some of the seminaries in the 1990’s and now, as with the NWO agenda, they are not even bothering to hide it. There are pastors that believe Marxism is more “Christian” than the free market.

Instead of sermons from scripture, pastors give lectures using talking points taken directly from Cultural Marxism. They no longer call their local church a body, but a “community” instead. It crept along for a while, but now it is rapidly evolving because the leaven has been distributed, now it is rising in an out-of-control fashion. Professed Christians steeped in Marxianity, are the ones who will turn you in for violating curfew or standing too close.

In this age of the Corona Virus shutdown, people are being encouraged by the authorities, to snitch on their neighbors. Video after video of jack-boot Authoritarianism just keep cropping up. Police on a power kick, arresting parents in front of their kids, people wearing masks, screaming at non-mask-wearers for not wearing a mask. In N.Y. Cuomo forced nursing homes to take Covid patients, and of course many residents died. The most vulnerable, purposely exposed.

Trump was an avowed anti-vaxxer. Now, he is saying it is necessary for every citizen to be vaccinated. He won’t be, but he now has toe’d the line the “experts” have drawn. And who but high school drop-out Bill Gates is more qualified to know what is best for all Americans? Since he is a gazillionaire. The pharmaceutical companies are more than happy to take all the money  Gates is ready to hand out.

Anybody who can’t see where this is headed, must have been living under a rock for quite some time.

Until the plandemic, I expected Trump to easily have a second term. At this point, it seems to me his chances are dwindling, and it would take very little for the Democrats to win the Senate majority as well. If that happens, well look at my state, Virginia. Governor, Lt Governor are Progressive Democrats. General Assembly majority Democrats. Jan 1 the anti-gun laws were rolled out. The first possible day they could be signed, Governor Blackface Babykiller Northam signed them. He also set our lockdown to end in the 2nd week of June, the longest of any state.

How many businesses went bust?

America has not fallen. Yet. I sort of expect there will be angry demonstrations (riots) similar to the yellow vests in Italy in 2019, and the anti-austerity riots in France the year before that, probably this summer. I would not have said that even 5 months ago, but churches prohibited from meeting, threatened by law enforcement, everything we have seen during this 40+day lockdown, says to me we are much further gone than almost anybody thought.

Crash the economy, hand out government checks, destroy small, independent  businesses, get millions filing for unemployment, almost overnight and just like that all but the very rich are going to be beholden to and dependent upon the government. Just as the globalists want.

I vacillate between the hope we will surely fly very soon, and the disappointing prospect that we may not. If we aren’t, then we are going to witness and possibly experience a lot of hard things. There is no fear in that for me, but when I think of our young adult sons, it would be easy to be sorrowful, thinking that they may suffer. It is sad all of the high school and college seniors deprived of their graduation experiences and Proms. Those are worldly things, but still special to most young people as rites of passage. Will our sons get the chance to have families of their own?When that sort of thought comes, I remember the prayers I prayed over them growing up. “Whatever it takes, Lord, don’t let the devil have them”. I prayed some dangerous prayers; dangerous for a mother heart. I prayed even if it meant taking them from us in childhood, Lord don’t let Satan have them. Most parents would love for their kids to have a good life, free of troubles, but in reality, that sort of life is more apt to ruin a person than improve them. Satisfaction is more common in survivors. Things are more appreciated by those who must work hard to have them.

Suffering, curbed expectations, struggles, trials, losses, all are tools with which God chisels and carves His people closer and closer to the likeness of His son.

God exalts the humble, and brings down the proud. Sometimes He has to humble us now, so He can exalt us in that next life. It is a great trade off, but it never feels that way while it is happening.

We know that there is going to be a promise of global peace under the Antichrist. Several decades of prosperity preaching has many believing all God wants for us is health, wealth, and “your best life now”.

We know there is a delusion coming. It may be pretty elaborate and complex, effecting multiple arenas. You may or may not have started hearing the terms “Nesara” and “Gesara”. Some sectors of the Q followers believe that there is a coming debt Jubilee, which will coincide with an economic reset, abolishing of the IRS, and return to the gold standard, among other things.

The acronym stands for National Economic Security and Recovery Act. It was a set of proposed economic reforms for the United States suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Barnard (Wikipedia ), but it was never implemented. Gesara is the same thing, but on the global level.

One aspect I have heard mentioned, is a provision that allows the confiscation of “ill-gotten gains”, such as those acquired by congress folk via unethical deals and their selling out of America, or those millions generated in human trafficking, and drug and gun-running. These recouped funds , they claim, will be disbursed to the people in some scenario that renders peace and contentment for all. With all debt eradicated, and every person getting their portion of free money. (Free electricity is also a possibility). The extremes of this NASARA school of thought, are groups like The Galactic Federation of Light    as well as “Christians” who say that whole 7 year Tribulation thing is just fake news.

Justin Trudeau announced yesterday all military assault style weapons are now illegal in Canada. He said he did so in representation of Her Majesty the Queen of England. Under the guise of “our safety” they are taking away our freedoms left and right.

Every company in America that is still operating, has posted ads about how we are “all in this together”. How interesting that it takes months to shoot and produce most commercials. They had these made and ready to roll out. The day the first Covid-19 case was diagnosed in America, was the same day Nancy finally walked those articles of impeachment over to the Senate. She held them for just about the amount of time it likely takes for Corona to incubate and make someone symptomatic.

Israel has taken out targets in Syria, while Iran’s forces have attempted strikes on Israel. Nothing new, but Iran is getting more and more desperate.

The Israeli Supreme Court is considering the “corruption case” against Netanyahu, and a decision is expected by Thursday on whether he will be allowed to form a government. If not,  a 4th round of elections, after- how long has Israel been without a government now? A year+?

Prominent  Sephardic Kabbalist (mystic) Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri predicted before he died:

“On the eve of the year 5780 (2020), the year of corrections, there will not be a government in Israel for an extended period…”

In his ” secret book” Kaduri tells of another prediction by a different rabbi:

the ancient book The Covenant of the Persimmon by kabbalist Rabbi Sasson Hai Shoshani, Shoshani said, “There will come on the day that two ministers win the government in the land of Israel. Both their names will be Benjamin and neither of them will succeed in establishing their government or kingship.”

Of course, the Messiah they are referring to, will be the Antichrist.

Universal vaccine with tracking by way of a mark, which also will tie right in with the cashless monetary system that the globalists are chomping at the bit to roll out.

Hubby and I ask each other every day or two, “What do you think is going to happen?”  To tell you the truth, everything is so bizarre, I would not be surprised if that NASARA  thing came about, but only as a setup, to help persuade the people to take the mark of the Beast.

There yet has to be a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. There has to be a global monetary system and government in place and a world divided into 10 regions. How fast could that happen? Two months ago we would not have thought our booming economy could be paralyzed in a mere 3 weeks. Some speculate it could take many years to build the temple, but hospitals have been built in a week during this crisis. I think a Temple could go up pretty fast. If you are among those who believe literal Babylon the Great will literally be a rebuilt Babylon and the center of World Government, well that will take a while to happen.

The 5G rollout will facilitate the tracking. There are compelling reasons to believe 5G also will make many very sick. If you aren’t aware of the controversy, I suggest you research it. While you are at it, research what radio frequencies can do to water, then consider our bodies are over 80% comprised of water. 5G towers near schools have resulted in migraines, seizures, loss of muscle control, thus impaired speech and impaired ability to walk normally, and cancers just to name a few.

The deep state is real. Their desire to cull the population of millions of “useless eaters” is real. DARPA, HAARP, Project Bluebeam, and CERN are real.

What about the uptick in UFO phenomena?  Our government has always had technological capabilities  that the average citizen, and majority of military personnel will not know about, and don’t find out about until decades later, if at all. Spotting strange “spacecraft” and lights in the sky, could in large part be accounted for by that very thing.

Cern is trying to cross the barrier between dimensions. HAARP facilitates control of the weather and possibly even earthquakes. It is an electromagnetic weapon that can fire directed pulsed energy beams and can disrupt communication signals.

DARPA is Pentagon’s version of a science lab. They do tech and research in multiple arenas, particularly robotics, and medicine, drones, and plenty of secret stuff.

Project Bluebeam is the capability to project 3D realistic apparitions in the sky, as well as on terra firma.

So, if they want to unite the world against a common enemy, they can create the illusion of a space invasion in the sky. A more practical capability is the capability to cloak a plane, so it is literally invisible, inaudible, and shows no thermal image.

Man has had his day. Deception is running high, like Jesus warned. Globalists are deluded in thinking they are literally going to outsmart and out maneuver God. They see us as vermin, spoiling their planet. People who think we are on the cusp of bliss on Earth, are delusional as well.

Don’t let the delusional confused or deceived ones cause you to wonder. Confusion is not of God. Stick with the Bible, take it literally and if the plain sense makes sense, don’t go looking for another sense because that’s how we end up with all the nonsense we are seeing in the churches today. Let scripture interpret scripture.

No one can have my Blessed Hope, because it is God who promised it. That should get us through anything







3 thoughts on “Rising Leaven and fallen man

  1. My Sister in Christ Jesus, I too am concerned for our young people. Deception is growing even within the church itself. I have Grandchildren and nieces and nephews who though raised in good churches are displaying the effects of deceptions heaped upon them.
    Your statement “ I vacillate between the hope we will surely fly very soon, and the disappointing prospect that we may not.” Tells me that your own belief in the literal word has caused you to consider other options than Rapture. That makes you wise. You obviously look at the facts concerning where we are; what is occurring; and what scripture does say. God bless you and your readers.


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