Don’t buy into the “Third Great Awakening” It is not of the same spirit as the first two.

A revolution is under way. It appears positive, but it is anything but!

You may recall the couple of posts I wrote concerning Q Anon, in which I stated there was an occult element to it. Well it is not just the numerology. One professed “Christian” lady was gushing over it. She said, ” all that stuff about a tribulation, that’s fake news, we are becoming a better world…”

Well, here is an aspect of the movement which I never researched before: that Q “mascot” that they refer to as Pepe the frog”, and whose face the anons overlay onto Trumps face, and that of others, in creating a meme.

First, lets define the word meme. It comes from the ancient Greek word μίμημα meaning “to imitate” or “an imitated thing”.

These days, any picture that somehow alters or parodies someone or something, is called a meme, or a landscape scene with a quote or verse superimposed over it is also referred to as a meme.

Those are harmless, right? All in good fun? Most are meant that way, mist likely, but there is a more sinister purpose in making of memes, and that is ” meme magic” or “chaos magic”, the belief that belief itself is a tool that can be used to achieve a certain outcome or have a specific effect. People will scoff and deny it, but this is a gnostic and mystical practice. Same as sorcery but doesn’t it sound an awful lot like the name it and claim it practice so prevalent in many churches today?

Chaos magic happens for instance, when you condense some thought of what you want to bring about, into one sentence, and then shorthand that thought into a symbol called a sigil. The more repetition and replication of that sigil, either often by one person, or simultaneously by a huge number of individuals, the more likely the probability of your will coming to pass. There is something to that, because things like Slenderman (mysterious entity that lures children to their death) that become a trend online, often do actually result in that outcome.

On May 31, 2014, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, two 12-year-old girls lured their best friend into the woods and stabbed her nineteen times in an attempt to prove the fictional character Slender Man was in fact real. The victim crawled to a road where she was found. She recovered after six days in the hospital. The perpetrators were found not guilty by mental disease or defect. By February 2018, they both were sentenced to long periods in mental health institutions.WikipediaIn recent weeks, the Q phenomenon has really gone global. It is not about Trump, per se, but about freedom, peace, community, unity, merging of different things or peoples into one big entity together. The acronym WWG1WGA ( Qanon battle cry) is the perfect representation of that. It stands for “Where we go one, we go all”. You can find videos of people from every country repeating that mantra. The idea is, as more people say it, it becomes more actual.

Now let’s get back to the “Pepe the frog” meme.

Around 2010, the image of Pepe started to trend online on “underground” polotical boards on the dark web, specifically 4chan, and by the time Trump was running for president, the frog became a ubiquitous part of the political discussion boards, a mascot for Trump supporters, representing the death of political correctness. Mostly computer geeks venture into that ( dark) part of the web, because they understand it well enough to avoid trouble. Geeks and gamers.

Another trend coincided with Pepe, and that is the term KEK, which came to popularity among gamers, and is a Korean language equivalent of LOL.

So there you had, Trump, Pepe the Frog, and KEK all tied together, which is interesting, because KEK is the name of an old Egyptian god, a hermaphrodite (half male, half female) and chimera, that had the head of a frog. Remember that the plagues God brought upon Egypt were all related to one of their false gods, thus the plague of frogs throughout the kingdom one of the several times Pharaoh refused to release the Jews from captivity.

The female side of Kek was represented as a snake, by the way. Together they represent day and night, or light and darkness. And there you have another interesting coincidence, ” darkness to light” is another very frequent refrain of Q and the Q followers.

The popularity of this chaos magic or meme magic is owed to a (very occult) online multi-player role-play game called World of Warcraft.

This game is saturated in the occult; paganism, zombies, shamanism, spellcasting, and even cannibalism.

People are drawn into these fantasy role-playing games, and become utterly addicted. They are desensitized to the occult.

Q uses language of spirituality, and religion a lot. Many professing Christians are participating. Not knowing prophecy, and mostly scripture-illiterate, they believe this is a “third great awakening”, while those of other belief systems, believe it is the next evolutionary leap for mankind.

Does Trump believe this? This kind of occult magic is what underlies the “law of attraction”. Simply explained, this is the principle that what you allow your mind to conceive, is what you will attract to yourself and bring into being. If your thoughts are always on failure, you will fail, that sort of thing. My guess is, Trump is operating under this principle. Q anon is disseminating the memes, “patriots” repeat them, tweet them, Facebook them, speak them. They believe doing so is making it happen, this draining of the swamp, restoration of rule of law, eventual debt jubilee.

Trump is intentionally positive about his every endeavor. The only thing negative he ever expresses is against his opponents and detractors. “Kim Jong Un is my friend and a great leader”. What? No he’s not! But he will be if Trump speaks it. “The economy is going to come back stronger than ever!” Well, that is what many might hope for, but if it does, it will be an illusion.

An awakening will come. But sadly, for most people, it will be an awakening to a nightmare. Regardless of whether Trump is doing so knowingly or unknowingly, he is playing right into the Antichrist NWO agenda. He may know a little Bible, but he definitely doesn’t know prophecy.

There is a lot of talk about unmasking, wearing of masks, not wearing masks in the news cycle lately. Tempers are flaring. Scared people and angry people collide, and people get injured. Civil unrest, protests are on the rise. Democrat and Republican citizens alike are seeing the direction we are sliding. Riots next? Martial law? I don’t think we are there yet, but then, look at how much this world changed in 2 months. I think all of the (figurative) masks will be off soon.

Professing Christian who believes Trump and Q and the ” digital soldiers” are going to save America, you need to read Daniel and Revelation. You need to examine yourself to see that you are in the faith. Tribulation, not Utopia, is what is coming. Until then, expect more chaos, tyranny, loss of freedom, major earthquakes, catastrophic storms, and UFO sightings. God is trying to get through to you. Non-believer, He is going to prove the truth in all things. Time is running out quickly. Call on Jesus to save you today. It could literally be your very last opportunity to avoid the wrath to come.

4 thoughts on “Don’t buy into the “Third Great Awakening” It is not of the same spirit as the first two.

    • All credit to the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, I think it is just getting started and as rapidly as the events of the past two weeks transpired, soon we may be facing lots of individual hotspot “fires” across the nation, with the ultimate goal of the agitators being to burn down every existing civil system. When the police stand down, we are being set up to become like Venezuela, parts of Mexico and others where the criminal element (organized gang/ the Mob) are in charge. In America, that mob is currently headed by people in congress and sleeper agents in military and the “alphabet agencies”. It is mind boggling how bound and determined some folks still are, to keep their denial intact so they don’t have to think about how bad it could get. They think, “this is America, we always come back strong”.


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