A different world

Animals are taking over the cities in many areas of the world where people are still on lockdown.

Parts of Earth are seeing temperature and humidity levels that are theoretically incompatible with human life.

Farmers are destroying crops, dairy milk, and livestock in America because the chain has been broken between farm/ ranch, and marketplace. There are special teams who go to farms to help with disposing , for example, of beef cattle. The corrals are full, there is no revenue coming in, and yet the ranchers still have to feed the livestock.

Grocery prices have jumped nearly 2.5% since last month.

Food banks can’t keep up. That is just in America.

People arrested for being outside.

Now they threaten to come into our homes and remove people if they test positive for Covid.

That scenario already happens. Child Protective services does it often, and there is evidence some of those taken will end up being sold to traffickers.What we have seen by governors and mayors in blue states and cities, is just a foretaste. A person can’t really even do their own research these days. The same people who are lying about Covid, also control and own the internet. Books can be and are written, solely for propaganda, using falsified data and statistics. It is all part of the chaos being perpetuated, from which they plan to create the new order. I don’t believe anything Faucci and Birks (scarf lady) say, and Trump’s not even pushing back any more. There is a bigger force working in these people, that is why they can contradict something they just said 5 minutes ago and not even realize they are being nonsensical. Principalities, powers, rulers of darkness in high places. Faucci the human is not saying anything of his own volition. Just about every one of those in government in America, I am convinced, is possessed. Even the handful who seem to be fighting for the people. The NWO is not coming, it is here!

I feel like I don’t even need to see or hear anything else, it is patently obvious. If they are talking about this system and the vaccine and tracking, it means they already have all of those things, all of the capabilities.

Nobody saw this shutdown coming. Isn’t that mind-boggling? Global shutdown. That is what Trump’s role has been. Whether he knows it or not, whether he played it knowingly or not, his part has been placating the conservatives and Christians. At this juncture, I think he will not serve a second term. He doesn’t need to. Everything is ready! Get a globalist in the oval office next, and “mission accomplished”, America neutered, made subservient to the U.N, handed over on a silver platter! The ballot harvesting will make it impossible for Trump to win.

My predominant feeling at the moment? Let’s get this over with already! But God has His own plan.

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