5 thoughts on “How do you figure?

  1. Reblogged this on A Blog About Healing From PTSD and commented:
    I’m sure I had this look on my face yesterday afternoon. I was working in our back yard, enjoying the peace and quiet of our small, sleepy town, when suddenly I heard what sounded like dozens of sirens. I saw several state police vehicles and two ambulances fly around a corner into the street directly behind our house, and stop about half a block away. I called my husband and asked him to join me in praying for whatever was going on. Moments later, I heard the sound of a single gunshot.

    I still don’t know what happened. We are living in crazy times. I am so grateful for my faith in the Lord Jesus!
    During my agnostic atheist years, I could barely handle normal life with my PTSD. But now, despite all the craziness in the news and the profound changes in all our lives, I feel peace in my soul 99% of the time — although my face may occasionally look a little weird. 😁


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