The run-up to November

(Credit L.E.for sharing this.)

I do not know this pastor. He pastors an Assemblies of God church in Kentucky. I share these two videos of his because what he describes lines up with the scenario I have seen taking shape since about 2010. I didn’t have a dream or vision. I just absorbed a lot of news from multiple sources like this pastor does, for a long time, and from my own intuition. Everything he describes is completely plausible. We see that our government has been so thoroughly seeded with traitors, who not only had all of Obama’s 8 years to undermine the foundations of America, but have continued their work unabated during Trump’s presidency, with no signs of plans to surrender. I continue to assert that it would be foolish for anyone to think things will get better, (barring mass repentance, and even then, it is probably too little, too late because God seems to have already removed His hand of blessing on America). The current daily news sure does indicate conditions moving even now in the direction this pastor describes. I feel it is worth consideration.–STL

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