More thankful by the day

Will Donald Trump serve a second term? For a while after Covid 19 I thought he would. Then as we got a few months in, I commented on the fact that he just didn’t seem to be in charge any more. Granted he has endured greater opposition and obstructionism than any president in history, but he maintained apparent confidence until a few months back. It was when the riots started getting really widespread that he seemed to deflate. His first rally, he was “back in form” but that showmanship that people love, if it does not translate into results, isn’t worth much other than a fun night of entertainment by a celebrity.

Living in a newly blue state, I have been disheartened that Trump’s words didn’t translate into action or even pressure to keep our paid-for Marxist Governor in line with Constitutional law, here in VA. I get that he was respecting “states rights” but it is a wasted exercise when the left is utterly beyond even pretending to uphold the rule of law.

As Trump’s first term played out, much evil has been exposed. With the exposure, one understandably hopes for righting of wrongs, justice, but that’s just it! There hasn’t been any. It just showed us the cancer is too progressed and is terminal. Yes there have been arrests, but then thousands of criminals were released arbitrarily.

None of it is surprising for Christians who study the Word and prophecy, but speaking for myself, that hardly removes the heartbreak. It does make it easier to slightly imagine how God surely feels, but He is omniscient and has all power. We, on the other hand, can feel so powerless in the face of it, and could easily become depressed if we aren’t diligent about keeping spiritual perspective.

The days and sometimes weeks that I don’t post anything, those are the times when I am  doing what I gotta do to maintain that balance and perspective. I see and read much more than what I post about. The more heart-wrenching stuff, I can’t really justify passing on. It’s not a matter of avoidance. I am a harsh realist. To me, it is unfair to refuse to know about things like child trafficking and pedophilia that is perpetrated on children as young as infants. Those victims deserve to be acknowledged. I don’t believe everyone has to immerse in constant awareness, but society pretends, for the most part, that it doesn’t exist, and that is unacceptable. Trump has facilitated great strides in the war on trafficking. That counts for something, especially in light of how God feels about anyone harming little ones.

Still, I understand some people can’t handle knowing, literally. I get it.

It can be hard enough to have peace and preserve ones own sanity in this world, but I’ll tell you what it does do. It makes me more grateful every day for the salvation God so graciously gave me. It is humbling when we truly face the depth of depravity we humans are capable of. The more a person embraces sin and rejects God, the more evil they manifest. As apostasy and  Bible illiteracy become more and more the norm, society as a whole becomes more and more lost.

I am weary of masks, weary of the additional steps involved in doctor visits, the restrictions and the potential freak-outs that seem to happen in public if someone stands too close or chooses not to wear a mask, which, by the way, is the equivalent of trying to strain out gnats by filtering through chicken wire.

In March, during one BLM protest, a bunch of young folks blocked a bridge. A FedEx truck pulling tandem trailers, was forced to stop, and was swarmed by the mob. I never saw this one on the news. It was night time, and the video I saw was taken by a bystander who seemed not to be so much participating in the mayhem, as mostly just documenting it. But when the crowd swarmed the truck, it escalated quickly as the people got the doors open and started stealing packages. As the mob moved toward the back, there was space for the truck to move forward. But there were also people trying also to get into the cab. The person who videotaped the video I saw, was alongside the truck, right by the second hitch where the back trailer attached to the first one, and by the time the truck started moving forward he happened to capture the moment one man who had been trying to get into the front trailer and was unable to move quickly enough, as hr lost his footing,  grabbed the back bumper, and was dragged several blocks with his legs trapped underneath the rolling front tires of the second trailer. His skin was torn away and pieces of his foot were ripped away under the rolling tires and left on the pavement. People frantically screamed, beat on the truck, tried to tell the driver, but the chaos was so insane, and I imagine the intensity only frightened the driver more! The guy with the camera was fast, and was trying his best to reach a hand out to help pull the guy out. (I doubt this would have turned out saving him, but rather would have injured or killed the camera guy).  You can see the terror on the face of the trapped man as he turns his head and sees the man running beside. And then the runner couldn’t keep up any more. You watch the trailer pick up speed and travel several more blocks. All of this happened much faster than the time it is taking me to write it. Seconds, literally, but the video was slowed down to 1/8 speed. In real time, all you saw was, as you can imagine, a phone in the hand if a running person, moving all over in a shakey blur.

It is easy to look at the craziness of the riots, and “Chaz/Chop”, and deaths and looting and just be disgusted with the opportunists and the literal thugs set on creating mayhem. We can decry public school brainwashing, college indoctrination, welfare state, and certainly the racism where it does occur. But when faced with one specific individual who died in such horrific way, this nameless man in a random smartphone video, it hits home hard. The tragedy of our fallen state just manifests itself that much more. What a waste! That man is dead, likely in hell, the witnesses to it, forever to carry the trauma of it in their psyche.

This is nothing new. Millions of people all over the world throughout the ages, have died senseless and horrific deaths. The miracle really, is how many come to the end at an old age, and go fairly peaceably.

Imagine sacrificing to give your child every chance at a good life, only to watch them throw it away and come to a tragic and premature end. Some of you nay not even have to imagine. This is what has happened to humanity. God sacrificed his own Son to brutal death on the cross, and Jesus willingly laid down His life so that we could have eternal and abundant life, but so many care only about self, temporal things and only about today.

Many won’t give God any thought at all unless pain, sickness, or tragedy throws their personal world into turmoil. God is allowing the forces of darkness to prevail to a certain extent, for the sake of that kind, and to drive us Christians to their knees if we care at all, and we certainly should!

Chaos will only ramp up as we near November. Regardless of the ballot counts, i expect there to be a battle in the courts, contesting the outcome. The Supreme Court has not upheld the Constitution in recent rulings, nor have the lower courts moved in Trump’s favor in many cases. I think we need to brace ourselves for a high likelihood that we could be like Israel for a time, with no one really in charge, or be ultimately overtaken by the Marxist globalists in government.  I really can’t see “4 more years”for Trump, whether by the stealing of the election, or by the giving-over of the populace to a majority that has lost all reason and common sense. Trump, to me, seems to only be going through the motions at this point, and to have precious few allies within his own administration. Frankly at this point, I almost feel inclined to want to get the “inevitable” over with,  but then I never was very patient. At a certain point we just know it is beyond us, and we long for the day God decides enough is enough, and takes things completely out of the hands of man. That is, after all, God’s whole point; to demonstrate to humanity how incapable we are of ruling ourself safely or wisely, that all might realize their need of a Savior.


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